AOE4: Will villagers fight back?

Looking at the recent preview, it looked like villagers could bear arms - great news!

I found in AOE2 the deliberate targeting of villagers in ranked PvP games a bit genocidal - put me off the game in the end.

Great to see potentially a different game mechanic in AOE4.

Villagers fight back in Age2 and it won’t be any different in Age4 I think, other than the British villagers having bows instead of tiny little daggers(in reality they would be savage little pests to deal with, going in there with a few men-at-arms at a 2-1, 3-1 disadvantage)

Villagers don’t fight back unless you specifically tell them to in AOE2. I think it’s a poor mechanic IMO.

well i guess you are in luck

from this picture the villagers have the sword icon (A) all other units have it too so i assume this is attack ground feature which make assume villagers will be attacking the enemy automatically if they were idle

It’s not poor mechanic, it’s how it should be. Else you would have all your villagers chasing a scout wandering in your base thus messing up your economy.

@ Ziad5241 Nice find. Looks good.

@ IamDalv In early game, vills are more valuable that militia so end up getting targeted by opponents. That in combination with no automatic defence setting adds up to genocidal situations IMO. I can’t see how that’s right. A stance setting for vills might have been a good design decision.

It’s a skill based game and that adds to the mechanical skill required to micro and defend properly.

Oh, I thought u meant that they don’t fight at all, my bad

@GusTank04 no worries, looking forward to seeing how AOE4 handles villager defence.

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