AOE4 - XBOX Team Ranked Coming?

You’re right at the top of the console ladders aren’t you viper? Like #1? :crossed_swords::+1:

Use your connections to get some communications going on team ranked, just get us a yay or ney at least :smile:

Haha I have absolutely no idea how I would go about doing that. I’ve already signed up to aoe insiders so I’ll see if I can get some traction going but no promises.

We deserve to have ranked to on Xbox for teams that’s actually genuinely unfair on there part

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Updates on that topic?

Alright. Lets kick this off with some communication around when TEAM RANKED is hitting XBOX! :muscle::sweat_smile:

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Whennnnnnn? Why dont we have team games ranked yet :frowning: Sadge

2v2 rank plz, it will be very nice and better

Aw LOOK at the team ranked demand! :heart:

I think you just better let them know it’s coming! Rest their wary souls! :muscle::pray::trophy:

I’m still here too. But i’m slowly loosing my friends for the game, since there’s no ranked and with that no balanced matchmaking.

Thanks all.
As I mentioned in this similar thread, 2v2 Ranked on Console has been passed on, so hopefully we’ll be looking into this when we can.


Just bumping this topic! We would really appreciate team ranked games!

Please do something about dodging, there has to be some form of elo punishment for dodging. Players are dodging any and every game they might lose. It is impossible for a high level player to get a good game because anyone decent recognizes us and dodges. We end up only stomping on noobs which is not fun.

Thanks for this information @XSLeDGeHaMMeRX.
The request to address dodging has been passed on.

It could be as simple as hiding player names until the game loads. There may not even be need for punishment just something so that when people see a high ranked player on the other team they cant dodge.

Or having the game count as a loss the second you are in the lobby. That way if they dodge then they lose the game as they should.

Whoa whoa! Hold up, tell us you also passed on the whole forum title of ‘Team ranked on Xbox’ too! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Hi @LiquidSilk00
Yep, if you scroll up a bit higher in this forum thread, you will see my comment about 2v2 Ranked on Console.

New to the forums. Yea to Xbox team ranked. Bros couldn’t handle the controller Gs beating them I guess.

I won’t dodge. But it’s annoying when I’m in a losing slump and sledge hammer shows up as my next opponent and I’m chilling in diamond 1.

Like why can’t I ever get an opponent down in silver or gold if conq 3s are pulling Diamond and plats. :joy::joy::joy:

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