AoEDE confirmed to be ported to the AoE2DE engine

Here you go. I linked to the right time. It was announced right at end of the presentation supposedly.

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Do you know when will they port it?

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From the video it seems like next year, something like that was kind of mentioned.

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This is really an aoe2 update, aoede is still the neglected child that they have forgotten for over 2 years and this DLC is a nail in the coffin confirming they really don’t care for the first one.
About new civs, from what I’ve been told doesn’t seem to be new ones, just new techs and more balance changes.


Here is the announcemente for those that missed it.

No, it cannot be true… can it be? I have dreamed about something like this to happen for so long, and now I just feel like in a dream yet lol

Thanks to all of the first Age community that kept believing when so many have fallen along the way! And thanks to the devs that still care for the game and listened to our suggestions to keep it live!

Honestly, I will only believe for real after seeing more solid news, but that is very encouraging so far!

EDITING: Forget what I’ve said about more solid news guys, here we go:


Female villagers?

I far prefer the classical period to the middle ages so this is good news for me.


I can only hope that this AoE2DE DLC is a logical sidepeoduct of overhauling aoede. As they clearly said “we will bring aoe1de into the 2de ENGINE”. engine ≠ game. So
for me this is more than just porting some content.
They also sad that more news will come in 2023, so I hope it is a good sign that the DLC already got announced.


I think it’s the same thing.

The DLC says it will bring AoE1DE to the AoE2DE “client” not the AoE2DE “game”.

I assume it will be within AoE2DE but you have like a toggle in the main menu to switch between AoE1 and AoE2.


Well yes but no. They say they bring content. And content sounds much less than the game. So i will still hope for an overhaul / 5 year anniversary patch for aoe1de or something bigger.
i’d even buy aoe1 dede again. What ever just give me more campaigns and a stable multiplayer


I’m still not sure what they plan.

  1. AoE1DE will be made part of AoE2DE as a DLC (that is hopefully free for AoE1DE owners)
  2. AoE1DE will be ported to the AoE2DE engine as a separate game but they will also add the AoE1DE content to AoE2DE because why not, it’s already been made for the same engine.

I assume it’s the first one.


If its the former (that the AoE1 civs are brought into AoE2:DE), imagine the scenario editor potential!!! Not to mention campaign reworks - actual Goths vs actual Rome. But I’m letting my imagination get ahead of reality at this point.

Just so long as the gazelle gets ported along with the rest of the contents (I think the other AoE animal species are in AoE2 now).

It’s 99% going to be option 1. My main concern with this is going to be the level of integration, though.

If it just becomes some alternative mode that consists in a reskin for the buildings and messing with some units my hype is going to plummet.

But if they keep the stats, techs, civs, soundtrack and base gameplay true to AoE while adding quality of life improvements, formations, gates and so… then sign me in rn. I need more info so badly.


Things that are technically different in AoE2:

  • Tiles are 1.5x as big and therefor buildings are also bigger and units move less tiles per second.
  • Buildings have 5x HP but units do full damage against buildings. In AoE1 units only do 20% damage against buildings.
  • Some tags are different. Towers don’t have a building tag or Phalanx don’t have an Infantry tag.
  • Trade requires you to export resources and also has a limit per dock.
  • Relic victory instead of Artefacts and Ruins.

Those things might be impossible or need a workaround in AoE2DE.

Fundamental gameplay differences in AoE2:

  • Unit upgrades are only half as powerful in AoE2
  • Units attack a lot slower
  • Villagers work slower
  • There are now upgrades for piercing damage and piercing armour upgrades for every unit type not just Infantry
  • Nothing comes close to the Wheel

Those things are just numbers. They can just copy them form AoE1.


Hopefully they port it over as a separate game. I’d much rather have that, as a dlc for aoe 2 that would just be very confusing and not make any sense


They already announces it as an AoE2DLC.
So likely it will be a toggle in the main menu or something like that.


So you startt AOE2:DE and then select the AOE:1 campaigns?

Will it be the whole game or just the Rome campaign?

So many questions. SO. MANY.

I think it will be like the Fall of Samurai DLC for Shogun 2. You can buy and launch it without the base game. You are basically playing the base game but only have access to the DLC contents.


That’s true, what makes me doubt is whether aoe 2 will end up engulfing its brothers…

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Oh and I forgot that the storage pit works differently then any AoE2 drop off building and that can’t be recreated by a datamod. It requires some engine rewrites.
Not sure if they’ll recreate that too.

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