AoEII DE MP achievement

Hello everyone!
I like to play AoE games mostly on SP, because I rather prefer to enjoy a campaign story or mechanics than going competitive in MP.

But after the recent update I’m wondering if it is possible to achieve campaigns achievement in multiplayer. I have tried when the program was in beta but it was not possible to earn any campaign achievement jet.

Did any of you know if now that the update is officially released is possible or not? And in this case maybe why?

I mean I’m about to spend another 3k hours on this game to make all the available campaigns together :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your replay!

You mean the co-op campaigns? As of right now, there are no achievements associated with them, only SP campaigns have achievements. Also, I think you mean “reply” rather than “replay”.

Yes thanks, sorry english is not my native language.

I can’t understand why playing the MP campaigns does not unlock achivements. I mean the MP mode is a new way to play campaigns and there is no need for new achievement. It will be great to solve campaigns together as a team rather than compete against eachother, tho.

Because the balance is totally different. The multiplayer is significantly easier for the most part. They also want to encourage playing the SP campaigns I imagine, and a lot of the achievements only really make sense for SP. For example, the 2nd Alaric mission, “Razing Hellas” has an achievement “As Numerous as Grains of Sand”, gained by only training infantry. This inherently won’t work for multiplayer, as one person controls only infantry for most of ths game, and the other does mostly archers and cav. Basically, the achievements literally cannot be gained from multiplayer, because it breaks or devaluates them. I think that MP campaigns will eventually get their own set of achievements, but I don’t think you can ever expect the SP ones to be gainable by playing the multiplayer.

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