AOEII: DE new achievements

Before i talk about what i found here and there, let’s talk about AOEII: HD Edition achievements. The game has 296 achievements, with a good lot of then being things like “get 10/50/100 victories with [insert civ here]” and “defeat [insert civ here] 1/20/100 times”.
Getting all of these is almost impossible in my opinion - i only got 60%. But it seems this will change in the upcoming Definitive Edition.

I’ve bee peeping around in the Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition page at, and i found 150 references to achievements (about half of the HD edition amount), all of then hidden and without a picture, description or condition to fulfill. Take a look at this print from the SteamDB website:

These seens to have their origin in the general aoe pop culture - memes, videos, streams, etc.
I can only think of what this names mean, like:

  • ACHIEVEMENT_HOWDY_NEIGHBOR: tc rush aka Persian douche, maybe?
  • ACHIEVEMENT_HOT_N_SPICY: reference to spice trade and… fire? Indians fire ships maybe?
  • ACHIEVEMENT_NOT_THE_VIPER: now this must be a really fun achievement to get…
  • ACHIEVEMENT_TOO_LAME_TO_TAME: boar. definitely a boar.
  • ACHIEVEMENT_NO_WONDER_ON_MY_WATCH: most likely destroying an enemy wonder.
  • ACHIEVEMENT_UNEXPECTED: Spanish inquisition? nah, i wouldn’t expect that.
  • ACHIEVEMENT_SUPREMELY_UNEXPECTED: Spanish inquisition and supremacy? no one would ever try that.

I’m not going to comment in all of the 150, of course. These are only some special mentions - which may get some really cool, memeish pictures. Of course, the “finish [insert campaign here]” achievements are still there, for those who enjoy a bit of single player.

Please note: i have no clue if these achievements are available on the beta - i didn’t received a key yet. I also don’t know if these are supposed to be know or showed at the SteamDB page (pls don’t ban me Microsoft, i was just curious).

So, what you guys think on this change of approach? i find it very welcome, and i am hyped for then. Also, if you guys found any cool achievements worth mentioning, reply with your thoughts on then, i will be happy to discuss!

i need help please, i cant go into closed beta forum but i have key and beta code for game and why i cant open a new topic at this forum?

Check this topic, it may help you:

but still most of HD achievements were so greedy and repetitive (like 100 win with each civ and such stuff)

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