AoEIV Map Creator Missing

Hey guys,

I’m an AoEIV owner via GamePass PC on Xbox Live. When the patch dropped months ago for the Map Creator, the files either never downloaded, or I can’t find them for the life of me.

Would love to play around in the Map Creator but have googled and searched and simply cannot find anything. Created a ticket through support as well, but have heard nothing other than that my ticket was received.

Question still remains, is there a way to re-download the map creator, or would this somehow have been hidden in a place that I’m not seeing inside the game files. I’ve read something about having to use the content creator through STEAM, but since I own the game via Microsoft’s Game Pass, it keeps prompting me to buy it.

Appreciate everyone’s help. I’m just scratching my head over here and would really love to create my own battlefield.

Did you try searching via the start menu? I’m on Gamepass and couldn’t find it initially but if I go to start and type “age of emp…” the content editor shows in the results and I can open it from there.