AOEIV's cavalry civilizations need to have a bonus to its cavalry

The same goes for archers, gunpowder, infantry, etc civs.
This way, each civ will shine with its unique units and will push those units even further.
Moreover, unique units will feel a lot more useful and powerful compared to basic units.

try playing team games vs france lol.


But they have…!

French knight deal more damage after a charge and can heal out of combat. They also have a +35% hp tech instead of +20% which is a big difference.

HRE knight can have more armor

Sipahi have more hp/attack, and have that fast attack ability

Khashik are cheaper, attack faster, and can be double trained at ooVoo, also heal on attacking and gain gold on attacking buildings. And don’t forget the khan abilities can make them very strong in decisive battles.


Another important thing to note is that french knights in feudal age deal 29 damage + 22 on first attack after a charge. Which is enough to kill a 50 hp villlager. While a Rus knight would deal 29+19 which is only 48 damage so they need one more strike to kill a villager. Big difference.

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What gold from attacking? I guess that’s a aoe2 feature from the tartars. Mongols get gold and food from set buildings on fire, but that’s for all units

Those are unique upgrades, I was trying to say something else, that comes for free from the start of the game.

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French knights are already a pain in the ass to deal with, the last thing they need is free buffs right out of the gate.


Well, technically what makes a unit “unique” in AoE4 is precisely the fact that not only are its stats better or different than the subtype it represents (spearman, anti-armor, light-chapper), but that it has some unique ability, bonus or qualities specials, and unique technologies that improve them.

So far, of the more than 20 unique units, there are only 5 unique units without their own technologies:

  • Streltsy.- Which originally in the Beta (seen in the Campaign) had 2 (Musketeer Regiment and Double Time), at launch 1, and now due to balance it has 0. Personally I think it should have again some unique technology, like one that improves its Static Deploymet Ability, such as increasing its attack range by +1 in that mode (as the french arbalesteir when it deploys its pavise).

  • Ghazi Raider.- As it is new and newly tested for the Delhi Sultanate, it did not come with any unique technology. I think it should have some, like increasing its bonus against buildings or against villagers, something typical of raiders.

  • War Scout.- It is already quite strong in feudal rushes, and even in dark ages. Considering that the Mali have difficulties in the Imperial Age, giving them some unique technology in Imperial would be nice, although in theory: being a hybrid between scout and light cavalry, which only costs food, it would not have to be stronger than it is .

  • Lansdknecht.- The poor little one does not have unique technology, even being from the age of the Castles, and it is the only military unique unit of the HRE, the other being the economic unit, the prelate. It is said that it is for balance, but with how weak he is to arrows, he should have at least his mastery in fencing, greater melee armor, or at least a unique technology that improves his attack. In Aoe3 there was a card called Solingen Steel, it could work well if it increases its area or attack damage (solingen is a German city, and from the HRE in its time, which made good knives and swords), also the “Doppelsoldner” could also be one unique tech.

  • The Zhugenu.- Being an unlockable unit, it is already like a prize, an anti-light range unit more powerful than the archer, which is possibly why it does not have unique technology. Furthermore, the repeating crossbow was a peasant weapon, so its users are an armed militia, whose weapon was that way because “it was cheap.”

  • Note: The other chinese unlockable units, Fire Lancer and grenadier, receive Chemistry Free in Imperial, as it is a bonus, it count as unique tech or bonus with unique units. Ghulam receive HP from Boot Camp, a unique Abbasid tech.


On the other hand, if we talk about civs whose strength is supposed to be cavalry:

  • The French are already strong enough at that point.

  • The Delhi Sultanate, being at the moment the only civ with elephants, has no one to compare itself with (although in theory if civilizations come out of India or Southeast Asia, they could say that they have the best armored elephants),
    -And from the Rus, their unique horse archer unit recently received a unique technology, so they’re fine.

  • The Mongols received the Keshik, which even has 2 unique technologies and its special ability, although its effectiveness is debatable: some say that it is quite optimal in melee and devastating defensive buildings, since it even heals itself by attacking, others however say that It’s bad because having less base HP than normal heavy cavalry, hand gunners and crossbowmen make them a very strong counter.

The rest of CIV has its particularities with cavalry so as not to be left behind, but since it is not its strong point or distinctive characteristic, I am not going to comment on it. As long as they are balanced enough to fulfill their role, there should be no problem.

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AoE4 civilisations have an unique technologies

In the practice, AoE4’s English have pre-dispositions to have effective range units like Minoans in AoE1 and British in AoE2 , but in different form from AoE1&2

It is more like AoM & AoE3