AOF DE very slow GTX970 4MB 32GB RAM

My AOE DE is very slow, 10 fps.

Have you made sure that the game is running on the dedicated gpu? (gtx970)
If not check your settings from nvidia’s control panel

I’d definitely recommend what @UrbanizedGem684 mentioned, and then go a step further to update your graphics card drivers at NVIDIA. Sounds some what overkill but you never know :sunglasses:.

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I would recommend to update the NVIDIA drivers through device management to get the latest MS recommended WHQL approved NVIDIA drivers. It’s a no brainer and you don’t need to create a NVIDIA account using those.

From version 1903 on MS will offer feature updates separately without forcing to upgrade until the current running version isn’t supported anymore. They should add something like that for updating drivers with the latest WHQL version too.