AoM 2 or DE news in 2022?

No recent news about AoM 2 or DE?? The last thing I’ve read about AoM not being forgotten is this
Age of Empires developers ‘have not forgotten about Age of Mythology’ | PC Gamer

or am I missing something?

I’m thinking that if they announce another game it might hurt sales of AOE4.

So probably no news for a long while.

Wild theory: there will be an AOM DE, and at the same time the third DLC for 2 DE is announced, if you pre order AOM you get the DLC free like how pre ordering AOE 4 was…


AOE4 Digital Deluxe Edition was 80€ + free AOE2 DLC for pre-ordering (10€), AOM DE will cost only 20€ and AOM EE owners will have 25% discount.

THIS! I’d be like: Shut up and take my money :smiley:

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