AoM cheese strategies

Hi there fellow AoM enthusiasts :slight_smile: do you know any cheesy strategies like the persian douche (although cheesy, still viable if you look at rubenstock in the battle for africa 2) or inca vill rush in AoE 2 de? I never really played AoM that seriously and never looked at any build orders.

Well, there was an absurd game breaking bug that gave you infinite resources. It’s fixed tho - and i don’t really know how to reproduce it.

ah noo, that is an exploit and not cheesy :slight_smile: I mean like a wacky strategy that should not work but still does/can like a TC drop in AoE2

You can villager rush as Set or Ra by abusing the Shifting Sands power and either animals/Rhino skin but by the looks of it update 2.8 is to nerf this into the ground so don’t count on it too much;

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ah too bad :stuck_out_tongue: gotta hope for AoM DE then XD

When you repaired the animal attraction stone from Poseidon, then you get somehow negative resources and magically this worked like infinite resources. So all you had to do was straight walk to the enemy tc, summon the stone, and repair the tc fire.

If you saw Poseidon in an online game back then, you knew what’s was coming. Made for a fun game when both uses this in a 1v1…

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