I’m reasonably optimistic that this will be coming soon. All I have to say is I really hope that they keep the original art design for this game in general.

The original portraits of Zeus, Isis, and Poseiden used in the 2002 release have become some of the most iconic and representative depictions of these Gods across all pop culture.

Similar to Age of empires 3, I hope they retain the voice-acting audio files for the Campaigns and do not re-record them. The voice acting from the original game is iconic and flawless.

I believe AOE 2 benefited greatly from revamping portions of the art design (though most was kept the same) and look of the game while retaining, what I believe is, the gameplay for the greatest RTS of all time. AOM DE could benefit from improved pathing and graphics, but the underlying visual design of the game was the crowning achievement of Ensemble studios. I would hate to lose that in the DE version.


Where did your get confidence believe there will be AomDE ? Except for the official polite words , not ever evidence or information Prove AomDE existence.

Yeah, I’m really optimistic that this will be coming soon as well.