AoM features

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The Atlantean ability to turn your normal units into Hero units could very much be used in AoE3 - whether an ability to turn your average joe musketeer into a ‘bodyguard’ version (limited in number) or even turning an infantry unit into an Officer which acts as a mini-explorer/hero (again in a limited number).

Well that’s doable in age3
With the current state of modding

How about turning your Citizen into a Revolutionary.
This would be a cool mechanic for Revolutions. You can choose how many Revolutionaries you want.

And maybe turn Revolutionaries back into Settlers.

Both at a cost of course.

Technically the Mount/Dismount is kinda that.

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Yeah, I like that. Even if it was one or two civ’s speciality, having citizens that can become Armed Settlers for a cost but instantly would be a nice alternative to Militia.

Instantly might be OP. Maybe they have to walk to a Town Centre for it.
That’s a Warcraft 3 mechanic btw.

Someone say this to do it with indian mansabdars, as its hard to use them if the battle is far from the wonder


Now that is a good use of that ability!

This is used only on Ivory Coast and BF. For other rectangular maps, they’re simply stretched on one axis.

Also of note, maps aren’t made in the editor. Just want to clear up any confusion as those are scenarios.


The problem for both square randomaps and scenarios is that you take a square, cut it into a circle to then cut it into a square again.
It’s not so much an issue of reduced size (you very rarely want a 1024x1024 map) but more so of UI. Your minimap gets effectively smaller because you only have a square withing a circle so there is space wasted.

It would be really awesome if they could restore the code to “invoke godpower” in the Editor is possible.
That could also be awesome if would be modable. Let people make mods that enable godpowers. Just use the UI for the Wonders that have a toggle able effect.