AOM news this summer game fest?

Microsoft has a showcase today on summer gamef fest - do you think we will see finally some news about the upcoming new AOM?

And if not which opportunities do you think are still there beside summer game fest to announce the new AOM? I mean 2022 still has easily 6 months to go - still enough time for a 20 anniversary release. But I think it’s about time to get some update (maybe even ingame footage).

Would be bloody awesome to get an announcement and footage today imho. :smiley:


I bloody well hope so.

TBH, I’m not expecting a new AoM.
What I’m really hoping is the AoM Definitive Edition with new DLCs.

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They just announced Ara History Untold. Cool.

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I suspect that Microsoft will drop a final EE patch soon and announce the DE in August. EE is still in an unacceptable state. :frowning:

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I don’t expect any announcement until October or November.

I hope we get a AOM2 someday