AOM2 vs. AOM: DE - What features do you want in a sequel that a DE can't deliver?

Hmm, I was originally in denial whether this would be for AoMDE or not, A lot of the job descriptions do however seem to state 1 year temp contracts, work on a custom legacy C++ engine and most positions state a direct correlation to RTS games, especially Age of Empires. Hell 3d animator/rigger literally states: “Animating human and non-human characters (bipeds and quadrupeds)” suggesting that it’s for AoMDE initally though considering AoE2DE has bipedal “non-human characters” like Ostriches, it’s not the best piece of proof.

I know Bang! engine (used for AoM and AoE3DE) is a C++ engine, though the older 2D Genie Engine is probably C++ as well, so not the best piece of evidence.

The simplest answer I can think of is that it is indeed for AoMDE, but that’s just based on the idea of current timing (AoM’s 20th anniversary is next year) and the contracts are all up to 1 year, suggesting “temporary expansion for a big project” combined with FE working on DOTD, and perhaps the AoE3DE African expansion (though I’d assume Tantalus is working on the art for that since they did the bulk of the art for AoE3DE, I could be wrong however)

Does imply however that maybe Tantalus only did AoE3DE maybe as an opening move as well, and may not be working on AoMDE.

Since the 20th anniversary is next year it could be, why not. It’s not like they are making something brand new, just a bit more than a re-skin…
AOM2 would take a lot more time and money.

The roblem is Microsoft abandoned Age of Mythology. Assymetry can be balanced, it just takes longer. After the titans expansion was released, there was basically no balance being done for many years. The chinese expansion brought some much needed improvements to power leves, but again, they inexplicably stopped and left things hanging in the balance (pun intended).

I’d love AoM2 but if that’s not possible then give us AoMDE as that would be better than nothing.

If they make AoM2 I still think to keep the old civs plus introduction to new ones would be the best way to do this as they had so big impact on this game to not have them. Fingers crossed we hear something next year.


then again it says “Hey, want to work on Age of Empires?”

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I would much more prefer an AOM2
You can tell AOM was greatly reduced graphic and gameplay wise to enable people to play without having a high end computer.

  • low population count
  • less dense trees
  • less to non existing underbush in forests
  • small maps
  • very low poly and textures on units

All these things should be reversed when making AOM2
Use the technology you guys have to make a modern AOM. And please do not change the artstyle. Dont go full out cartoon like you did in aoe4. Please.

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Remove this weird “you can place only your TC there” restriction.

Addition of stone.

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