Aplastamiento mode of attack is useless

may 14 2022, 2 years aprox. after definitive edition started.


the ability aplastamiento mode, is useless

there is not any situation on what this mode of attack is useful.

to balance this, make that the unit using “aplastamiento” mode lose less health

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It’s good for killing minutemen but that’s about it.

You mean “Trample mode”? It can be reworked to an ability like the Carolean Charge, a little more powerful but with a cooldown.

I mean if you are really good you can use it add splash but its mostly a “win more” mechanic

i didnt get ur idea,i didnt understand

basically if ur cav are on infantry, you only turn 1 of ur cav to trample to deal extra dmg and reduce over kill, but its very micro intensive and u need to remember to turn the cav back or it will slow down the group

how do you deal extra damage doing that?
what does reduce over kill mean? sorry i speak spanish

How area damage works iirc in aoe 3 is that is that there is a hidden maximum to the amount of damage to enemy units by splash damage and so any amount of damage that is not dealt to the main target that is under the cap is spread out amongst the other units close by.

So like for a hussar the damage cap in trample mode is 60 while the hussar’s attack is 20.

what that means is that when a hussar attack a unit in trample mode, it deals 20 dmg to the main unit and then the rest of the damage (60-20 = 40) is spread throughout the remaining units, so you are dealing more damage.

and reducing overkill means that you are not dealing more damage then the unit’s remaining HP, cause any damage above that is effectively not dealt and wasted, by spreading the damage you are reducing overkill

how area damage works in aoe 3 is pretty complicated, I dont even know how it interacts with mixed unit formation and multipliers and resistances.

It’s good for snaring multiple units.