Apple M1 support please

He made a YouTube video explaining how to get it running + example of a single player game:

It would be interesting to see how it runs with 16GB RAM and/or how it runs on a Mac which does have a fan.

Now that ARM Windows has an emulator for x64 (at least in beta), it would also be nice to see how that would work. Though it might be a bit too early for that at this stage.

It works for AOE3 too! 16gb m1 and it runs at 4k on my external display smoothly. Just can’t get multiplayer to work yet tho. Keep getting an “out of sync” error whenever I get in-game

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Thanks for sharing that, I’ll install it and see how it will work.

x86 vs ARM is not the issue. You can simply re-compile most of the programs to run on ARM without any code changes.

The problem would rather be supporting Macs (even x86) in general as MS is using lot of proprietary frameworks.

Well, as the other comments stated, the game was originally released for MacOS X. Just the newer versions do not support the operating system anymore. Since the game does not use any specific new windows exclusive frameworks like directX 12 it shouldn’t be that hard to get it running on MacOS. However, I don’t think support for MacOS ist high on Microsofts priority list.

I suspect they plan an Windows + Xbox release for AoE4 and are now all into that Microsoft ecosystem integration…

Didn’t know that. That’s good news.

But yeah I am not very optimistic either. Exclusive games are good selling point for their other platforms.

Please, bring Age of Empires IV to macOS on Apple Silicon.

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Dev should seriously consider this. We’ve been waiting for far too long.

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I thought the heat will melt the machine, so it’s pretty encouraging when you said the MacBook only got quite warm.