Appreciation post for the increased communication and social media exposure of AOE3

As the title suggests.

Last time AOE3 appeared on social media was 10/1, which was only three weeks ago.

It’s like dreams come true. Back then we didn’t have any mention besides regular patch notes for months. Now there is no need to complain about that anymore because we don’t have patch notes.

There are also lot of twitter replies mentioning AOE3’s anniversary, which is unprecedented. It’s so moving to see us celebrating this game together.

Really appreciate the great efforts put into it. You really did your best to keep up with the promise, in the midst of the more important tasks like promoting AOE2 and 4. What a great time to be an AOE player!


A real comedian you are


I also really appreciate how much we have to scratch and claw just to get a sliver of info and/or attention which ends up being nothing more than placation. Sorry for the inconvenience to those in World’s Ege who have to be reminded this game and its community exists.


Which is a bug they need to fix.

No idea why some people ask for bug fixing. They are trying to fix the biggest bug of the series ever.