April InsidE xbox


It seems AOE Will not be a part of the show


nothing new. I hope in E3 we have some news.


No surprise. I think we all expect AoE4 to be part of a big show like E3 or Gamescom, not a monthly stream.


Some info or teaser for AOE2de would be appreciated


I think they have every interest in talking about AOE on this inside, as it was planned in the last one unfortunately a last minute addition seems to have removed lol. For, we hope, an AOE 2 DE. So they must announce it as soon as possible because they are late. We will still have to wait a moment for the 4th I think because I remember it there is 3 DE.


Honestly, I can wait for any news on AOE4, as I’m more “cautiously optimistic” about that. AOE 2 DE, however, I -really- want. Here’s hoping we get news soon…

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the strategy chosen by microsoft regarding the news of the AoE franchise, is a strategy that, in my opinion, could (indeed should) be better!
Here is the last example: yesterday, on the day of inside xbox, it would have been reasonable to talk about the announcement we were all waiting on AoE (? Edition). Announcement that microsoft had announced for the previous xbox inside appointment. And instead, absolute silence!
If microsoft had not announced anything previously, this silence would have made sense … But if for the last inside xbox, you say you have something to say about AoE, and then in the next episode you pretend not to have said anything, then you are not a man!


If I was in charge of Microsoft gaming division I would never announce AoE during an Inside Xbox monthly stream, not even AoE2: DE. I would only get to do it once, and I would make sure to do it properly with enough exposure and pre-hype.


ok, I figured out what you would have done if you were the head of the microsoft games division. And honestly, I agree with you, I wouldn’t have announced the release of an AoE franchise title inside inside xbox.
But … But, last month it was announced that they would have something to tell us and could not tell us. Now, it is logical to think that if they could not tell us in the last inside xbox, they would have (even just for the respect of the users and honesty) made that announcement in this xbox inside (April 16th). Instead nothing, absolute silence.
This behavior means that you don’t have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do or say (first you say you have an announcement to make during xbox inside, and then you don’t announce it for two consecutive xbox inside). Plus it means you don’t keep your word, because if you say you have something for the fans and then you don’t show what you have to say …
I would have preferred a sentence like this: guys, sorry, we can’t say anything even though we said we had something for you!

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Yes, their PR department isn’t the greatest by any means, they could act so much better in terms of communication. My interpretation of the previous Inside Xbox blunder is that either they are having issues with the AoE2: DE development or they re-evaluated how and when they should further reveal it. And I’m guessing it was something to do with AoE2: DE and not 4 because they started sending beta invites to people for the game and it’s highly unlikely to reveal 4 during such a low exposure event.
So, yes, slightly worrying stuff indeed.

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Haha, you can say that again.