Arabia deer problem

I am okey with deer spawm far from tc but pushing deer is almost imposible. If you became late 0.000000000000001 second your deers return back .


I’ve found follow command on deers makes luring super smooth. You can even lure enemy’s deer to your TC if you wanted to with that! Happens sometimes on open BF maps. 11

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i started a thread about this recently.


I can lure everything in bf but not in arabia :((.

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It seems this is based on some level of RNG. Sometimes deer can be left a while before returning to spawn. Other times they return the moment they lose LOS

Probably around 50% of my follow commands lead to deer returning to spawn. Due to the distance from deer while following and/or response time. It works but certainly not to that extent

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The bigbrained move is that you keep clicking follow command so that you have a smooth lure, instead of accidentally clicking too far and the deer running some other way.

If youre constantly clicking it you might as well lure normally.

I’ve found that just follow hotkey makes the clicking much smoother than doing it normally, which is my entire point. Sometimes normally you click too close and somehow the deer wants to run the other way, or the angle is a bit weird, or you have to click several times to get the position you want. With follow you only do one click and it’s mostly done.

It’ll just make deer luring much easier for beginners in my opinion, hence the suggestion to use it.

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I’m no pro but i can lure deer no problem so i don’t think there is any bug or problem related to this. It’s true that the deer need to return to where it was after a failed lure it’s annoying, but It’s not that fast to prevent the lure

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Does the ‘Follow’ command actually work to lure deer to your TC? If that’s true, u just blew my mind, that is sick!

I’m curious what the success rate of doing this is? Do you have to supervise the scout as it herds the deer or can you just issue the command to follow and forget about it? That would be awesome if the deer could be herded without the players undivided attention.

You click Follow on the deer, your Scout will try to follow the deer. The deer will run in the opposite direction, and your Scout will keep the straight line to that direction.

The way Follow works is that it’ll have your unit follow it, keeping a small distance. Sometimes, the distance might happen to be a little too far for the deer to be lured, and too close for the Scout to run forward, so you’ll still have to supervise the scout, but I’d say it’s vastly less supervision needed than doing manual clicks, as you might position the Scout slightly differently and have the deer run in unintended directions.

I’ve not really failed a lure with this since I started using it, unless I’m for some reason actively distracted enough and that above situation occurs, but that happens so rarely. Personally, it has simply made luring deer so smooth that I can comfortably lure enemy deer across the map if I wanted to (e.g. when laming on BF).

I like that you still need to supervise the scout slightly, as otherwise complete automation of it would sort of ruin the ‘skill’ of luring, this is already bordering on that line IMO.

Afaik there is a rng counter with a min and max that determines how long a deer Stands still before it returns back to its spawn. Sadly the min is close to zero so even when you pay Attention you have no chance to get your Scout close enough before it Turns Back. I think it should be maybe one or two seconds so you have Chance. Im fine with some rng in the game but this is just too annoying. Sometimes it Happens multiple times in one Game and i dont think this should Not be a Thing.

For followcommand lure: i recently adopeted that and its nice. Way less clicking and sometimes the Scout gets Close enough by its self to push the deer further. I would say you have generaly to pay less Attention to the deer.

I hope the min time for deer will get changed so deer pushing will become more consistent and less rng based.

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