Arabia is so easy to wall

Nowadays everybody is walling at 6 mins because the map generation creates maps so easy to wall. I understand green arabia has always been walleable sometimes but even the dry arabia has very big forests now.


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Arabia does feel like green arabia now. Map generation is just too consistent, and tending towards even more consistent with each patch in order to make matches fairer. There’s always two very thick forests that spawn near your starting location and at least two more that spawn farther way. It’s just a matter of finding them and connecting them. OG arabia you had a chance for forests to spawn very far away and sometimes even spawn as an oasis (the trees growing around a little pond).

If we’re talking only about arabia and making less wallable, I would do something like lessen the thickness of the trees and make them spawn on average 2 tiles farther out or something. Basically, give ppl more bad woods to encourage more aggressive plays instead of camping.

But since walling is a problem on practically every map, we need a global solution for a non-arabia problem.

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Even if you go for men at arm rush, sometimes the woods and the berries are just too close to the TCthat you actually can’t do damage even if the oponent is open. Because map generation makes forest very close to the TC