Arabia map has not enough trees

So, wood is not sufficent. I can even get more gold than wood.

Sparse wood is one of the defining characteristics of Arabia map in AOE2 and AOE4.

On maps where you know wood is not enough you got 3 options as of right now.

  • Play french:
    Their market traders can trade any resource in the game.

  • Play heavily on food/gold units to save on wood:
    Mostly using wood for artillery

  • Dodge the game:
    Close it before it starts if you don’t feel confident. Per the way current game is. If you close before the map loads it doesn’t count as a lose and you get no penalty

A suggestion for the devs would be for the devs to add more wood to each tree? Or add more trees in general

Arabia matches tend to be quick due to the map being that open