Arabia Variants

Arabia is all well and good, but after a while it does get a bit ‘samey’.

That said, I am most experienced at Arabia. It would be neat though, if we had some weekly Arabia variants, with little tweaks to make it slightly different.


Week 1, Arabia.
Week 2: Arabia with more cliffs
Week 3: Arabia
Week 4: Arabia with more ponds
Week 5: Arabia
Week 6: Arabia with long squirrely treelines.


That way we can apply our existing arabia knowledge, but it also keeps things fresh!

Another thing that might be cool would be composite maps. Most Arabia games don’t use up the entire map, just the area between the two players. So what if the players started out along one side of the map, and the opposite side of the map were something entirely different? Water, for example(far enough away to prevent early docking though), or some sort of steppes like cliff thing?

Basically, I think a lot of people don’t like alternative maps because it’s TOO much different from what they know. Why not combine what we know with what we don’t, to get people’s toes in the water?


I’ve once asked for Arabia to recieve more biomes currently missing, like snow, birch trees, mediterranean.
I had almost no support. Seems nobody cares.