Arabia walling potentional is broken a bit

5 games in a row I see that me or my opponent has 4 forests surrounding the base like corners and by walling between them you wont loose acess to both 4 and 5 titles stone and gold, while the other player has a big open field and it’s really difficult to wall, giving a big advantage to the other player. I haven’t seen it that much before this patch.

Walling is so expansive, that not walling could be a big advantagr

I stop counting the threads about this subject. Walling on most maps are too easy and too cheap. So you are stupid if you dont wall. This result in boring game play. All maps turns into Arena before you hit feudal age. I do think it is bad for the game. The current adjustments to the game are even worse. You can easiily found all resources and walling is even made more easy.

Spirit of the Law made a video on the “cost of walling” it’s not that expensive, in comparison to losing your feudal villagers lol.

What the OP is complaining about, though, is not the ease of walling, but rather the difference in ease of walling for the two players, giving a big advantage to one player based purely on the random map generation.

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I didn’t say that I want to let everyone wall easily, so why are you explaining to me that walling is boring is a great secret to me. The reason why I wrote about this thing with walling is because it’s really hard to raid even with archers to one side while other side can raid easily. I’m not complaining about the cost, i’m complaining about the TIME it takes to wall, villager’s idle time, etc.