Arambai buff/rework

I rarely see Arambai after Manipur Calvary was replaced and no longer affects Arambai and their damage was reduced from 17(19) to 12/(15) (However if they that hit a different target will deal full damage). Pre-nerf they were an Op unit with crippling weakness. They had insane output vs buildings, seige, and large groups of enemies, However they also had low range, terrible accuracy, inconsistent damage, and weakness to archers. post-nerf they had their strengths nerfed but without addressing their weaknesses and you rarely see Arambai any more. I think the route forward is to address their weakness not revert previous nerfs.

  • Increase Accuracy
  • Affected by Howdah
  • Affected by Manipur Calvary
  • Affected by Parthian Tactics
  • Decrease elite upgrade cost
  • Arambai need changes but not these
  • Arambai don’t need any changes

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Edit:Forgot adding a new option would reset the poll.

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I will start by making them affected by Parthian Tactics.


maybe just make arambai faster?


I forget his name but someone has pointed out a few times how Devs seem to make adjustments independently instead of taking into account other factors

Looking back at it, the elite upgrade should have been obviously made cheaper when the unit was nerfed. The price you pay for elite Arambai is 1100f/675g(and obviously idling a castle while you’re at it)

Paladin tech is 1300f/750g for infinitely more utility. How does this make sense? Only 200f/75g less for an upgrade on a unit we almost never see anyway.

In hindsight this was a clear step lancer change. I wonder if there’s a specific guy in charge of these changes? Like “steven the step lancer nerfer” :rofl: And they just use him when there’s a unit the community complains about, and he just nukes it without any compensation?

But then I think E conqs need a tweak, so what do I know…


IIRC their low accuracy is kind of a good thing to prevent overkill, since shots that hit a different unit than intended deal full damage. Anything that increases their armor would be good though (Parthian or Howdah)


Just make them cheaper


And maybe also make arson and squires affect all burmese cavalry, including arambai and cav archer (while removing husbandry)

Arambai don’t need any changes, it’s a good unit when massed in Castle age, or a good unit in Imp. If we MUST buff Arambai, probably Parthian Tactics is the buff I’d give them but they work fine, they shine in mass vs mass battles where missed shots splash on adjacent troops.

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Too weak and expensive for an engage unit. It must be low on gold or has more defence.

Currently I do not think the unit is very good at all in imp. It spikes in castle, and then becomes (with some rare exceptions) one of the worst UUs in the game, especially given the high upgrade cost. Parthian is a logical, elegant, and mechanically useful way to solve that problem.

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The Parthian Tactics thing seems so obvious I don’t even see it as a buff to be considered for the Arambai. Just something to be implemented for consistency’s sake.


The unit wasn’t op before the nerf. They were just a bit too fast at killing buildings which is why the reworked they unit entirely so it’s useless now. Imo this change needs to be reverted at least partially. Maybe lower the missed shots accuracy a bit and increase atk. Doesn’t have to be the numbers pre nerf but I guess middle ground between pre and post nerf arambai could be good.

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Besides Parthian Tactics, I would either 1) increase their speed to 1.35 or 1.4 to justify their cost and to give them the ability to pick and force their fights or 2) Decrease their cost to 65 wood 55 gold; it makes no sense that a unit so individually weak and generally considered to be worse than Camel Archers (60 wood 50 gold, Rathas (60 wood 60 gold), Mangudais (65 wood 55 gold) and Conquistadores (70 food 60 gold) even in ideal situations is the most expensive Cavalry Archer unit in the game, even with a wood bonus, costing 75 wood 60 gold (!), the same resource value of a Knight.


Parthian Tactics makes a lot of sense but unfortunately I don’t think it would work
Arambai is more related to the Conquistador than a CA, it’s more a Gunpowder unit than anything else
I’d increase the damage output a bit and I like the proposal of Howdah

This suggestion is pretty unrelated to this topic, but i like it.

It’s a buff to arambai (higher building dps and cheaper husbandry) but it might be too odd for Burmese, might suit another civ better. Otherwise it just makes Burmese lean more into Knights. Like what happened to sicilians

Surely you must realise the flaw in your logic?? Arambai are closer to CA than they are to elephants :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Exactly. As mentioned above, the Devs don’t adjust things in unison, so much is done independently, weaker units should be at least slightly cheaper

Again, Devs double nerfed them… Arambai went from 23(Manipur) down to 12… BEFORE armour. Meaning percent wise that was a huge nerf after we factor armour.

Example: Vs castle age siege works, arambai went from 14 dmg to 3

So a massive loss of utility in exchange for nothing, for the same price. Logically the unit should have been made cheaper and the elite upgrade made cheaper.

Again this logic is flawed… so they apparently do well in massed battles, so the answer is to make them even better in… Massed battles :thinking::thinking:

Or when do y’all think PT actually kicks in? In small numbers PT won’t help Vs overkill. PT won’t help you mass into the needed number of arambai, it won’t help tech into arambai, it actually makes teching into them even more expensive and a tech that ONLY applies to arambai (risky tech)

I’m not against PT at all, I think the unit is subpar and needs a buff, but I don’t see how people are reaching a conclusion , with this logic

I still don’t get why they changed manipur… makes no sense to me. It was a very unique tech and absolutely balanced / fine.

IMO the thing Burmese need is just another tool vs archery in the midgame. Like a bonus to their siege. Then they are fine. And I would just bring manipur cavalry back to the original state then. It was fine and gave the civ identity.

Also an option Is to give them back some of their Attack Power, like Attack in castle +1 (13) / elite +1 (17).
Or only +1 Attack (13/16E) and something else…

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I don’t think making them cheaper really does anything at that point. The problem with the unit rn is that it isn’t good in low numbers anymore as it used to be but instead needs to be massed. Then again the unit isn’t good in imp as it never was. So you only have a narrow time window in late castle age maybe before opponent reaches imp fully boomed. And this concept doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Either such UU is good early on like conqs or good in the long run like mangudai. Arambai isn’t good in any of these.


I thik it’s not bad in imp actually… but it needs a lot of attention and burmese don’t have many other lategame tools that are viable.
The whole current burmese is a total mess and only because of that arambai change / nerf.

I remember a lot of pros saying that arambai is such an important tool for burmese and I also saw them as completely depending on that unit. Probably it wasn’t “perfect”, but for me it never was so “disbalanced” this change was necessary.
I still don’t understand it.

It’s the same for the war wagon nerf we got recently. It turns out koreans are less dependant on that unit than burmese were on arambai, but it removed such a nice off-meta strat from the game. And it wasn’t even that strong, they nerfed WW after the majority of the playerbase actually had learned how to handle the WW rush… It was unnecessary, again.

Why we constantly remove fun off-meta UU plays?

(btw nobody demands to remove the “established” UU plays like Conq, Organ Gun or jans…)