Arambai buff/rework

Yeah the unit wasn’t broken or anything. What happened was that people started playing double castle opening on arena and then go no eco full yolo with that. It’s not even a good strat once you know how to deal with it (as with double castle strats from other civs). But people heavily complained so they changed the unit bc of that and now arambai are very niche unit. Even on arena nobody plays arambai anymore and people just go monks or maybe infantry siege with burmese instead.


I could be wrong here, but looking at other nerfs Devs have done: removed obsidian arrow, nerfed Saracen siege bows

Makes me think the issue is Devs don’t want light ranged units to kill units AND bases.

Because it further reduces the chances of a come back, as well as encourages mono blobbing and potentially negative player experiences

It’s one thing if arambai can outflank you and delete Vils or small groups of enemies, it’s another when they delete buildings as well.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to tone these siege “archers” down, but I think it was unnecessary to remove it completely.

Allows you to mass them easier, and /or suppliment with other units.

Making the elite tech cheaper SPECIFICALLY because it’s not a good tech to take.

The same reason why things like Elite conq tech needs to be made cheaper.

It’s bad enough the unit falls off in late game, it’s even more of a tragedy when the tech at that stage is ridiculously expensive

Make the techs cheaper (less punishing) and slightly buff the elite versions to incentivize keeping the unit alive, but don’t buff it enough that the unit becomes oppressive


Give them an attack ground button.

Parthian Tactics only affects Mounted Archers, afaik are Archers not throwing darts with their bare hands.

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If we are being consistent shouldn’t we also remove the archer and Cavarcher armor class, if Arambai are technically not Archers?


No, cause the unit is a cavalry archer, just not a mounted archer :smiley:

I would be quite pragmatic there and just keep it as it is, than inventing a conquistador, genitour, arambai, war wagon armour class just for the name.

I prefer to revert back the old arambai. Give them back original base atk and 50% dmg of missed shot. The number to reach critical mass should be significantly tuned down.

But they are doing hit and run style attacks which is what the tech is all about.


Only if we go by the inspiration. Cause why should give parthian shot give more armour and bonus damage vs spears :smiley:

The same reason it does for the slow as heck elephant archers that I don’t think we’re used for hit and runs.

I think these chooses are made based on balancing rather than logical and i would rather arguing over Balancing of PT Arambai rather than the semantics of whether they classify as CA or hit and run units.


However doing some calculations PT is not so impactful for Arambai neither defensively (from 13 to 17 shots from arbalest for example, not so important against Skirm: from 8 to 10 shots) nor offensively (against Halbs from 6 to 5 shots).
So it would help in imp but burmese / Arambai maybe Need more(?).

BE +1/+1 armor → knight line +1PA
Arambai HP 60,65 → 80,85
Tech Tree
Bloodline is removed.

Mangudai which is a established meta UU play got a nerf though.

Arambai = centaurs confirmed


Initially Arambai was built around idea of very high attack and very low accuracy. It was meant to hit rarely but very hard.
This concent doesn’t working anymore after attack nerf. Hence I see no reason to keep their accuracy that low.
I think Arambai should become ranged melee unit (like mameluke) with accuracy 80% and small bonus damage against archers. Currently burmese too weak against archers. The idea is to make Arambai archer and siege killer in castle age. Obviously attack should be reduced (because melee damage type).

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It seems that it is going to make arambai another mameluke but with bonus againist archers

I think there is no need to make arambai to be strong vs archers. Arambai is pretty good against infantry and not bad vs cavalry when massed. But making other units stronger vs archers is reasonable

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