Archers are a counter to cataphracts?

Thanks for that great advice. I have always switched too fast and I think thats one of my biggest weaknesses

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Maybe he assumed they were good against archers too? lol this was like a 1250 elo game

I rapidly ran a test, turns out it’s a classic cost efficiency vs pop efficiency situation. Samurai are cost efficient if they can significantly outnumber, catas roflstomp if numbers are equal.


Camels counter Catas pretty well but if you can’t build them, you might just go with Paladins. If massed equally, I think they can win a fight.

Other than that, halberdiers do work to slowly mitigate a big army of Catas but you will need a lot of them which shouldn’t be a problem since they’re a trash unit.

They dont. They barely deal bonus dmg, and their base attack is pretty low. They dont get smashed too hard by pure catas, but by everything else the byz player goes for.


Depends on how many Cataphracts there are. After a threshold, the Cataphracts start to win very one-sidedly, due to Trample Damage.

i love that spirit of the law joke lol

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In a way it’s kind of a brilliant design for the unique unit of the Byzantines. They were meant to be the ultimate defensive civ, using buildings and trash to protect the status quo and boom. It kind of makes sense for them to have a unit that does pretty well against everything, the ultimate play it safe unit, that helps you win when you get ahead, but that has little value in a surprise attack against its favorite target (except maybe if the other guy goes champions).


I’ve seen every single one of his videos.