Architecture mod_ thank all creater

Thank all creater have join to make mod for AOE 2, with me Abejin, Ztree04, Azuzar.v.v. the friends give so much love for independent architecture mod,
And now in DE I completely to happy with East Asia mod

It perfect, but beside east Asia I see no one more mod have created.
West Euro have 1 Ztree04 but it hard for play, image too huge and all building look as same very hard for control although this mod very beautiful. _ Viking have 1 too but same ( and it still broken image :v) so happy if can repair it_ I have subscribe but after must unsubscribe because it make me fail in game/ hard control/
Before I see mod independent area in wololo king have quite good.
After all I have questions any one have plan to make architecture for each area ???


Can you guys include destruction animations for buildings? Also will you be adding this basic version to the Mod section of the website? Can you add the original version of the castle that was part of the original building set?

I have no use computer now but tomorrow I will give u picture, animation I can’t show you. Control include village stand next to building and building next to building hard for look, all west Euro build have some same and they very very huge, I don’t know other players fell but with me hard. I saw has 515 player subscribe it, 2 comment said mod beautiful but not see any recoment about control in game.


hi look at this picture this is very beautiful, but after all the building too huge and hard for play. and can mistake about building between, monastery_university_ stable_ and archery range :v many building

If you go through the mod list concerning the architecture on Steam for Age of Empires 2 HD, you will also see some that are specialized in Asia and East Asia, so I did not just find 1. There are also quite a few architectural sets for Europe and the Near-Middle East.

:frowning: but a lot of mod only for castle, and almost lend from other area architecture, and some mod I fell it not like culture of this civ

I warrant that you can find good architecture sets for almost every civ in HD.

Some of my favourites are Malay, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Byzantine, Inca, Persian and Mongol architecture


:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: HD your mean is 2013 HD :))) yes, but I play AOE DE. And for DE set East Asia get more suitable for Vietnamese, in HD only castle for Vietnam OK. And leave HD too much time. I love lapis tile roof or yin and yang roof. It was real roof, other not

Oh my bad thought you were looking fir HD mods

Yeah DE modding is kinda barren

You guys can try my mod:

Architecture Mods from HD applied in DE.


Oh Omkar thank you so much for reply me, I want thank you so much because your mod too it make more beautiful game so much, and I will try it. I mean about set area architecture too, really not much area without East Asia have do good about graphics now, not all but some civ I like viking, Britton, some time I look at Pesian too and many civ area mod in để lacked so much if compare with AOE2 HD 2013.

It do not work in AOE 2 DE :(((, many mod is data mod do not work in de. It reason I ask some set area architecture

@NarrowBubbles54 Data Mods are need to be selected in game menu.

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Yes I understand, all independent mod was data mod, and all not work in de. Try and will see

The Chinese set looks fantastic (although are new graphic Imperial only?), here’s to hoping devs notice.

Viking set is going to be too difficult for people to recognise what buildings they actually are, that’s rather game-breaking in competitive play.

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The same with west Euro too, not east Asia set:(( and yes AOE HD 2013 get better mod for architecture

The Chinese set was made for Mongols in AOKHD. It would work for Tibetans, Jurchens and Mongols.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::grin: no, ít wrong infomation from Abejin I try to say with him. Lapis tile roof green color ruby, not much country use, Viet have alot this color, China have but less than Viet, Japanese too + gold color.( Gold color from china have much ).It belongs to East Asia culture ( Mongol is Yuan dynasty and it from China) mongol do not get it.