Architecture re-skin possible?

Any chance someone been able to do or knows of a “Architectural Renovation Mod”? Or something on that regard. Some Civ really deserve a better “Skin” for they architecture. Ottomans deserve better, Russians deserve better, even USA deserve better.

Anyone know a mod like this? (don’t say WOL)


There are no big mods for DE.

So sad. Thks for answering!

I’m working precisely on that. Based on one of Omkar_Satapathy’s mods, the Graphics Mod, and the Predator_TR´s Ottoman Empires MOD. I created a mixed mod, with textures taken from other mods, and others created by me, for the original AOE 3. I used units from several mods too, to give it an air of realism, and look, when I play the original AOE 3 with my MOD, the architecture at least feels more beautiful and detailed than the definitive edition, although the models are worse. The English, French and Dutch are not looking like cartoonists in the last age. I just haven’t posted it on the internet yet, but I have pictures of my MOD. As soon as I learn to move architecture programming to AOE 3 DE, I’ll apply skins over the models and we’ll have Turks looking like Turks, Germans looking like Germans, Portuguese looking like Portuguese and French looking like French, and even Aztecs looking more like Aztecs even, and some modifications in Inca units to increase the realism. I can’t wait to even play using the Europeans with new skins, against the Incas, who were left with an architecture very well done in relation to reality (apart from the symbols of tiawanaku and the town center). What I really wanted most was to bring to the definitive edition not all my MOD, but only the textures of the architectures, and modify not the number, or the qualities of each AOE 3 DE unit, but apply textures and hats, details in clothing and weapons that would transform a Turkish hussar into a true akinci, or an ordinary European halberder, for the Dutch into a Dutch Nassauer, or Portuguese dragons with the appearance of mounted hunters, Portuguese spearmen as orderlies, in black hat and coat white, then coat all black, as they are in the WOL, or black Spanish coats, which later become musketeers with white ponchos, with broad hats, who knows how to give hats to the hussars and czapkas that would give them an appearance before the 19th century. Change the German and Dutch skirminshers by Schutz and Schutter… Without changing anything in the balance, just changing the textures and elements in the clothing and armaments. A lot has already been done in the original AOE 3, which is quality enough to be ported to the AOE 3 DE, like the Turkish accessories in the Ottoman Empires mod. There’s a lot of material to work on in DE mods in this regard, relating to unique textures. The problem is having to reprogram every time a new civilization is added to the game. But it’s worth seeing the new civilizations united with these much more beautiful and historically more accurate textured civilizations!



Sorry if the mod was a bit Frankenstein, but I used ottoman empires, from Predator_ TR, as a base, slightly modified the programming, to apply the Graphics mod to it, and then added textures from WOL, Napoleonic, King’s Return to the Graphics mod , from the Enhancement mod, from the Improvement mod, and I made several textures by hand and applied it to these already made works. Portuguese architecture may look a lot like the Brazilian architecture of WOL, but it has several modifications. I kept a lot of what they did too, because it’s very well done and it couldn’t get any better, I just added new elements. Several textures of the Graphics mod were very simple, that’s why I totally changed the textures of the walls of the French in the era of conquests and the Dutch in the imperial era (I don’t have recent prints of the French and Dutch, they’re already something different from those I posted). Well, most of the models and textures work in DE, but capitol beds, farm vegetables and churches and benches have been totally modified, and are not possible to reproduce in AOE 3 DE, without a retexturization of current models . Another thing is that the addition of the Incas and Swedes broke the Graphics mod programming, which added the new architectures. If you add it, the Incas win peasants, town centers and German markets! I need to reread how it is programmed. In fact, I made a lot of modifications on this mod for the original AOE 3, to make it more historically correct, about 80% of everything being more or less altered amalgamations of textures and programming work done by other modders. But the game was much more fun and beautiful, a, it was! The reworked Europeans were awesome too!

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I posted my mod for AOE 3 classic! It’s still incomplete, but it’s playable, I haven’t had any bugs so far, and there’s a version with only architectures and some textures of Turkish units available, to play the classic game, without changes. In the future I will learn to adapt the architectures, plus the Turkish textures, at least, for AOE 3 DE. In addition to changing the programming to not affect new civilizations like the Incas, I will need to create new textures for the Russian, North American and Mexican architectural sets.

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Hey there I need a little help with making a mod, is it alright if I talked with you on discord? Here is fine if need be.