Are dialogue triggers bugged?

In game editor, there are eight triggers related to dialogues that are exactly the same. I’m talking about Send Chat, Send Chat as String, Send Chat to player, Send chat to player as string, Send spoofed chat, Send spoofed chat as string, send spoofed chat to player, send spoofed chat to player as string.

They can’t be personalized with portraits and names and all give this result

Plus, there is another trigger "Play Dialog" that works only in Cinematics and is bugged in normal games, blocking all other triggers. This works in Age of Mythology EE

I’d like to have a trigger that works like this

In campaign, Morgan and other characters use the “Play Dialogue” Trigger.

For example, Nathaniel in campaign

The trigger

The number 44520 refers to the stringtable.xml file which contains the translation (here my french stringtable.xml )

What happens if we write:
< String _locID=“99999” gamecharacter=“John”>Hello world< /String>
in this field ?

I’ll test when I have time.

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I make sound filename for music and a playdialog for lyrics with that you can overlay 2 sounds at the same time

it does not work. The “Play Dialogue” trigger expects a number (StringID) only.

Unfortunately there is no trigger like Play Dialog outside of cinematic mode.

I personally use the “Send Chat” trigger for dialogues, even if there is the name and the avatar of the AI…

Play Dialogue is too complex to use because you have to mod files. I hope devs see this discussion and change triggers like they did in the last update


I haven’t been playing the game for a while, has this been fixed?