Are eagles getting nerfed ? From 20 to 25food?

He mentions it at around 11:48

Probably chasing rainbows here and seeing things where there’s nothing. But wondering if maybe viper has been privy to the balance discussions on discord and maybe the eagle nerf is getting traction? And he mistook it for actually implemented already?


Could be the case, and I Hope if is higher than just 25 (30f is fine), everyone loses their minds with Ghilman but eagles overall need a nerf, too good at raiding and too easy to mass early.

Aztecs can be offset if Garland Wars cost 750f 450g instead of 450f 750g.

Incas probably need another bonus (since cheaper barrack techs isn’t available anymore, some infantry related bonus.)

And Mayans don’t need nothing lol, if anything they need more nerfs.



Even if it’s 25 at least we know Devs are giving it some thought. But yeah would be interested to see how Incas will fair if it goes to 30. Eagles will still be very easily massed, but it’s still a 50% food hike.

Incas might need something else to offset the nerf. As the other 2 mesos already have other massive eco advantages in conjunction with the over tuned eagle.

30 is too much. I think its better if they get their cost bumped to 25 and see how eagles perform


But I’m actually not a big fan of these blunt nerfs especially against “generalist” units like eagles.
Better to specifically nerf them in one single aspect so there is more counterplay-potential.

That’s the second time I’ve seen you use Ghilman, when it’s actually Ghulam.

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Ghulam is singular
Ghilman is plural


I stand corrected. Wouldn’t it be Ghilmen though?

i only just googled it because i was curious. it’s arabic, so i don’t think the -man in Ghilman means ‘man’, so i doubt it works like that

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Personally, I would just find a way to talk about it in a singular version, so for example, instead of saying “everyone loses their minds with Ghilman”, I would probably say “everyone loses their minds with the Ghulam”. Maybe it’s just me.

Yeah, I’d also like to see a meaningful bonus for Incas. Personally, I’d rather see an eco bonus, as their wide tech tree and the design of a counter civ is already sort of a military bonus in of itself. Their stone discount allows them to get their super-unit of Kamayuks out faster, but if you need to make Eagles or Slingers, you’ll start hurting for resources far more.

Thematically, a farming or some gold bonus for Incas would be great. I would’ve suggested a Trade bonus (f.e. trade moves faster or the like) for their team bonus, but the +2 LoS for Spearmen/Skirmishers was the change already and I doubt they’d want to change something again.

I also wonder if Slinger could be made a bit cheaper. They’re deceptively expensive.


I want Andean Sling to change to a tech that decreases the gold cost of eagles by 30%. Incas already have the weakest Eagles, and both Aztecs and Mayans have gold related bonuses (Extra starting gold, faster generating relics, and longer lasting gold mines). Incas are the only ones who don’t, so I think they would really benefit from having cheaper, yet weaker eagles.

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Yeah you’ve written that before. Though I’m not really sure how much I’d like such a bonus myself, even though I did also think about an UT that reduces the gold cost of Eagles, Slingers, and Kamayuks.

Alternatively, for team games (and the odd maps that have neutral markets), an UT that makes their trade move faster? Perhaps for their entire team? :pleading_face:

You’re not wrong.

I think all the units is overboard, just a UT to reduce Eagle gold cost should be enough.

Trade techs are really bad, they are way too situational, I don’t think it’s anywhere near as helpful as reduced gold cost or another bonus.

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Not for 1v1s, but for TGs (especially if they buff teammates) they’re very important. See: Spanish.

Yeah, just if it’s only Eagles, then it feels like Slazchta privileges way more than a more general discount. And 30% discount might be kinda meaningless.

Spanish is a passive TB though, not a tech. UTs should never be situational like that really. Situational is fine, but situational when it only works for TGs isn’t. See: Italians.

Assuming my math is correct (It’s pretty simple, so it should be), it’s a 15 gold discount, which is pretty decent, considering Eagles are a primary unit for Meso civs, and it replaces a Castle Age UT.

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Farmers get +1 carry capacity per mill upgrade (cut from Sicilians).

A tame, still a practical bonus that helps in later stages of the game.


If it’s increased to 25 food, they could just add “Eagles cost -25% food” to the Inca’s civ bonuses, so they would just stay the same as they are.

They will end up being even cheaper than now (18 food vs 20 food right now).

True, maths… :smiley: -20% food to stay the same.