Are eagles getting nerfed ? From 20 to 25food?

Good nerf to Mayans though.

Yes but not as much as mangonel.

Plot twist - if this happens, Mayans will get Supplies.

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Nerfing Eagles from 20 to 25 food would be perfect imo.

Mayans and Aztecs can deal with this nerf easily.

For Incas I suggest that they should get a second Llama at the start of the game and that Eagle Warrior and Elite Eagle Warrior upgrades cost -50%.

You need 150 resources for supply. So this bonus “starts” only after 10 new villagers after the research. And it’s otherwise very rarely explored in feudal times because you usually don’t recruit new man-at-arms. Probably only the 35th or 40th villager is affected by this bonus.

Only 75 of the 150 is food. So it is basically 5 villagers. 75 gold can be ignored.

True but if I have this bonus, I will immediately research it once I hit Feudal. And I bet everyone will do the same.

From 25th to 120th villagers.

You’ll end up being slower to give the advantage to your ally and you’ll anyways die to the meta duos Franks-Britons or Franks-Ethiopians for Arabia, Turks/Bohemians-Poles/Burgundians or something like that for closed maps if you go Incas-Gurjaras in 2v2.

But you need the 75 extra gold. They have to come from somewhere. Incas don’t have scouts so you need the gold for eagles or archers for Feudal Age aggression. Aztecs have military and economic bonuses from Dark Age, Mayans have economic bonuses from Dark Age, and military bonuses from Feudal Age. Incas otherwise have no economic or military bonuses. But the most civs have at least one economic or military bonus, sometimes both.
The Incas would have to research the technology in Feudal Age, so the first two villagers would not be affected. And even if you created 10 more villagers in Feudal Age before going into the Castle Age, you would have saved just 75 food but you need to invest 75 extra gold and still have to wait until you are in the Castle Age to continue benefiting from the bonus.
After how many villagers would this bonus be stronger than that of the Hindustanis?

Yeah but sheep sling is a thing. We’ve seen this quite few times in tournaments already.

Yeah. 11

Those are maps with extra hunt or shore fish or a lake to dock, so players donated all of their sheep to Gurjaras. And you can do that with civs like Tatars or Mayans anyway.

Yeah probably. Maybe I’ve seen 1 or 2 without extra food resource. With 2 extra lama, Incas can easily donate some to Gurjaras. Not stronger than monster duo Franks+Britons/Mayans but still a viable option imo.

New PUP is out and in the preview, they say June PUP just contains (mostly) bug fixes. So I guess they won’t be nerfed?

What is it now, six months since the promise of a roadmap btw?


Close enough. Pretty sure it was novemver

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The roadmap is pointless to get now since we already received the DLC.

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As much as I’d welcome some changes to new civs if bugfixes includes pathing and address some of the more annoying bugs that’s really what’s most important atm.


what would happen if more unique techs that aren’t normally researched in 1vs1 due to cost, would fare in 1vs1 or TG if their cost were reduced but research time increased to 2x or even 3x as long. similar to how they nerfed El Dorado by only increasing research time.

ie. Elite war elephant, cost reduced from current 1600f/1200g to say 1200f/900g but then increase research time from 75s to 225s.

I feel like people will keep calling for nerfs of every strong unit until all civilisations are basically the same. You see it in age4 as well where the whole point was to have completely different civs and already they’ve converged so much they’re basically slight variations on the same civ. I like the fact that every civ has units that people think are “too strong”. I like watching those “too strong” units compete against each other. I like civ identity.
Otherwise we can just go back to the huns war days and ditch the other 30 something civs completely.

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Considering we were promised a busy 2022 id expect more then a dlc but at this point im not getrinf my hopes hp


Not the same, is calling to make such units and civs more fair and balanced to play against.

11 civ identity =/= being too strong (Check pre nerf Arambai for example).


but they almost always were… no one lacks anything, they just have SOME minor advantages on the same generic units, which dont necessarily perform anything differently to the generic alternatives, mainly accessible an age earlier if its special

if anything it is mainly the ecos and unit timings that slightly differentiate the civs. and its mainly with time that people are realising that the units arent different at all, they just look different

yes because every single civ has a too strong unit accessible in the same age at the same time? and yes adjusting the eagle cost by +5f, and leaving the rest, is the same as making it like a sicilian FU cavalier? you are so right

i also love to watch castle age eagle floods fight against my post imperial cavaliers… i also love to watch ghulams fight gujara camels… because they’re totally the same thing and should totally be used against one another, and totally shouldnt be balanced for their actual overtuned matchups

Doesn’t have to be same age and same time to be interesting in fact the opposite is true. The fact that there are asynchronous power spikes is the reason age2 games are as exciting as they are. It means one player can be on the aggressive and looking really strong and then it flips and the other player suddenly looks like they winning etc like a scripted WWE wrestling match except it isn’t scripted. If the opponent’s power spike comes before yours it might feel like it’s too overpowered but that’s only if you think the goal is to be ahead throughout the game. You can safely fall behind in that situation provided you only fall behind by an amount that you will be able to catch up when your power spike comes. Until then your job is to play defensively. Alternatively, you get aggressive before their power spike. This is why eg Goths are terrible despite being unbeatable in IMP: noone lets them get there. I’ve never found castle age eagles to be OP because any time I’m against them I recognise the threat and go full aggro in Feudal, stone walls in Castle, and then destroy in Imp. And that’s fun. If you make everything “balanced” in every age, you have a very linear gameplay, like in age4, with very few strategic options. Balanced doesn’t mean similar strengths in each age. Balanced means similarly large power spikes, whenever they are. OP means there is no hope of defending against the opponents power spike or undercutting it.