Are French landmarks too weak

The Royal College should achieve the effect of reducing production costs,Compared with the bell tower, the Royal Artillery Academy is like a clown

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Landmarks are made to add distinctiveness to civs, same as other unique caracteristics.
Some civs have strong Landmarks, like HRE and Rus. Other civs have other caracteristics that make them strong, like French, who have Royal Knights, Arbaletriers and a heck bunch of eco bonuses.

Landmarks are not meant to be the main thing in a civ. Besides, french have landmarks that allow them for very strong front loaded gameplay, be it with the School of Cavalry or the Royal Institute, or landmarks that help them scale quicker into the late game, like Chamber of Commerce and Guild Hall. Their age IV landmarks are relatively weak, yes, but that’s because the civ strength lies in the early to mid game, not the late. It’s a design choice, and a very good one to add different civs to match different players’ playstyles.