Are Gothic Condottieros OP in team games?

I have been trying this out a bunch in team games and I feel like this is really strong. goths can produce these bad boys really quick for almost no cost. they dont have an elite upgrade… and are an absolute power house.

Counter argument: sling is just really good in general period.

What do you think?

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The video you have shown is from a rather infamous user here. Goths have plenty of counters even in the late game. Teutonic knights, Japanese, Aztecs, champion units in general. I could go on but you get the point.

Many arena games can be decided rather early by castle dropping someone. So you don’t even have the chance to do this sort of thing. Especially if the players are not pros. And if one particular player is like the Viper in terms of skill.

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I would not say its OP, but it is a strong timing. Condo are rather weak as a unit, but they hit early. Basicially any civ with good infantry (japanese, vikings, goths, malians) can do an amazing early imp push with condo.

However, even with the strong bonuses of those civs they lose to FU imp units, so you need to use your timing or you’re dead.

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condos lose against a castle age knight, so it’s not like they are this force to fear that appears out of nowhere.

they are basically only good against gunpowder, and still have plenty of counters.

Which is a bit of weird comparison, because kts are MUCH more expensive in both training time and ressources.

And it actually proves my point: Condos are cost effectiv early imp, when most other units are still castle age. They fall of hard once they face stuff like champions and paladin.


well no, the point was that they are weaker than some castle age units. if you are behinf and your opponents has knights, and you make condos in hoping to best them in early imp, you are going to lose cause they are straight up weaker, in a moment when gold efficiency is not yet a problem since the scarcity is yet to kick in.

my point was not to say they are not a good early imp tool, just that they have plenty of counters even in that phase of the game. this supposing you already tech into infantry in feudal-castle, which is not a given considering infantry is pretty much non-existent in castle (of course for goth it is, but not everyone is goths)

But kts are NOT cost effectiv versus condo. So its pretty weird you name them as a counter. I dont see a single generic castle age unit beeing cost effective versus them.

You can’t just ignore cost of units, otherwise everything is counterd by castle age war elephant.

my point was just that they are not as strong to be able to steamroll everything. the comparison to knts was merely to say they are not directly stronger than others strong melee castle unit. so it’s not like i shake in fears when i see condos in early imp. their window of strenght is like very small.

infact, i very rarely see condos used even in that regard. i mainly see them as a situational counter to gunpowder, but that may well be just my personal experience which might be completely wrong, of course. my point was merely to say they are not OP imho, infact, they could use a buff as a unit since they are so niche

It is strong in TG to wipe one player extremely quickly, esp. in island maps where you normally dont upgrade land militaries before landing (they require minimal uograde to destroy TCs)

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