Are HRE MAA upgrades still detrimental?

AFAIK from the beta taking both unique attack upgrades for MAA resulted in a terrible attack rate.

Have they rectified it? Or is it still better to only take one?

In top of the buggy prelate and mislabeled prelate buff, are there any more HRE specific issues?

They are no longer detrimental, not very good, but not detrimental, you no longer lose attack speed for researching the anti-armor tech.
They do still lose the 6 bonus damage vs heavy when combined with the two hander though, reducing down to +3.

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thanks i wonder if this is unintended or if they really didnt realise this would be so lacklustre

so im guessing only take the tech if there’s excess res lying around, better to spend on more units or other tech first?

yeah, the HRE kinda needs a rework for their units and tech outside of defense honestly but if you have excess it’s decent or if they are going heavy into heavy units take the armor piercing one, otherwise the only infantry bonus the civ has is movespeed and plus 2 attack on MAA.

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after playing some more, i was reminded that one of the 2 techs gives +15 hp, which is also pretty decent, but keep forgetting to check which one of the 2

I believe that’s the two-hander tech with the HP increase, at least last I heard.

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yeah thats it, confirmed now