Are lancers cost-effective against musketeers?

They deal bonus damage to infantry, but they’re also cavalry, so they take bonus damage in return. Obviously it’s a terrible idea to use them against melee-only infantry, but are they good against muskets or only light infantry and artillery?

Depende de varios factores. Si tienes 2 mosqueteros vs 1 lanceros probablemente ganen los mosqueteros. Los mosqueteros tendrían 300 hp y harían 78 de daño, mientras que el lancero tiene 350 hp más 60 de daño pero sólo haría 48 (por el 20% de defensas de los mosqueteros). El lancero tiene la ventaja de ser una unidad de 2 de población, puede perder la mitad de sus hp y aún conservar su daño, aun así perdería. Para ganar fácilmente necesita la carta “caballeros” qué le da x4 contra infanteria, más la carta combate de la caballería. El lancero queda con 402 de hp y 23 x 4 de daño. Ahí acaba fácilmente con los mosqueteros de segunda edad.

I’m talking about the Maltese order lancer. They do not have access to the “knights” card.

Ahh, ahí no sirven mucho contra mosqueteros, a menos que tengas una superioridad numérica.

So they’re pretty much a trash-grade unit unless the opponent has a large mass of skirms?

Si creo que si. Además, el envío es muy costoso. Preferiría los cazadores portugueses para matar mosqueteros, o cualquier infanteria ligera disponible.

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That explains why Maltese struggle so much against musket-falconet combos

Correct, since they don’t have the callaberos card, they are just crappy cav which loses to other cav and cannot beat muskets cost effectively.

Every time Lancers attack increases it is a bigger boost to their ability to kill any infantry so Guard level is much better then Veteran level and Imperial level much better then Guard level thanks to that attack bonus against all infantry having extra effect from attack increases.

Malta Lancers aren’t nearly as good as Spain Lancers but with certain numbers Malta Lancers can be cost effective against Musketeers. I have seen games where Lancers without card upgrades have helped people win games even against players with Musketeers.

The Maltese Lancer is trash, it’s only good as a one off shipment for a power spike, you have no way to upgrade attack for it, nor do you have the “Caballeros” card that upgrades their multiplier. Even in imperial the Order Lancer is stuck at a pitiful 38 attack, while the Spanish counterpart can get competent damage due to upgrades and Unction plus the bonus of Caballeros. Most Tongue cards are pretty useless to train apart from the Cassadores since it gives you access to a food and coin skirm to pair with a food coin composition, the lower hp can be party compensated with some Hospitallers present due to their deflection ability, but it’s not optimal. So just use Order Hussars as your main cav and use your other anti infantry units to combat infantry.

to answer the original question, musketeers have a 1.5 second delay to switch to melee (usually) during which they return no damage to the lancer. If the lancer drops the musketeer in 3 hits or less, you can (generally) fight cost effectively assuming the opponent doesn’t trigger his muskets manually into melee. 4 Hits is pushing it, depending on the musketeer melee. Age 3 lancers vs age 2 musketeers is basically an even fight.

This is an approximate breakpoint, terms and conditions may apply, ask your doctor if Cabelleros™ is right for you.


I have no life, so I made this graph:

Basically, this whole mess of math means that 1v1 (only in melee) the veteran lancer wins all the time vs a veteran musketeer.
You lose more resources (by HP) as the lancer, but no more than 7% AND the unit remains alive to heal or keep fighting.

So in practice, on equal NUMBERS, you can come out on top with a tactical advantage and equal financial loss to both parties.

BUT, fighting in equal RESOURCES, you will lose the lancer every time, and only maybe taking out 1 of the 2 musketeers on the last hit.

This is all if you imagine that the musketeer doesn’t attack you in range first, and if they hit in melee at the exact same time…

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In my opinion, the best Order military units are the Cassadores and the Dragoons. For example, the Portuguese can buff these units with Royal Guard and cards +30% hp/at, and the Maltese buff them +10% hp/at, so the difference is not that much. Russian Oprichniks can be buffed +35/25% hp/at, so the difference with the Maltese is not that big either. But the other Order units (Hussars, Lancers, Cuirassiers and Longbowmen) can be buffed even more by their original civilizations (+40% hp/at, Caballeros, Thoroughbreds, Siege Archery, etc.).


Goes pretty much the same in “Lancers vs Pikemen”

1v1, lancer wins
2v1, pikes win, but 1 of the pikes dies every time

I didn’t expect musketeers being better against lancers than pikemen, the main difference is:

  • Musketeers get the range advantage
  • Pikemen get the speed advantage

How you use that is up to you… or just use goons :v

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pikes also have terrible armour and hp

Although the order cuirassier doesn’t receive many upgrades (besides auberges), they can still be a huge threat to enemy units vulnerable to cavalry.

Lancer usually have bad pathing and big hitbox so they can’t fight a large group of musks. Against melee heavy infantry they are fine. And they must not over perform vs heavy infantry because not every civ have access to light cavalry, like Inca, like China who cannot mass keshik easily. They don’t even get musk. So the melee infantry is the only option.

I would imagine they would break even at best, but they do break stalemates and allow other units to become more cost effective.

They’re true heavy cavalry for charging down infantry form the front, they might not be cost effective but they are effective. Kind of like banelings in sc2.

The real question is if you’ll make cuirassier or lancers they basically have the same role…

Spanish lancers=great. Maltese lancers=garbage, because, well, it’s Malta.