Are Nest of Bees now weaker Mangonels?

Seeing as Mangonels deal 12x3 damage while Nest of Bees deal more attacks with less damage, many players have come to the conclusion that Nest of Bees are weaker than Mangonels. How much damage do Nest of deal in practice? Is this damage increased in Age 4 with Chemistry (which Chinese get for free)?

It looks like Nest of Bees shoot more but weaker projectlies, so their damage is greatly diminished by armor upgades. Maybe they should shoot 12x4 projectiles instead?

You also have to factor in the cost of nest of bees, I cannot remember if its the same cost or less than mangonels. Also I believe china can eventually produce clockwork nest of bees even if they didnā€™t orignally build clockwork to age advance.

Mangonels cost 400 wood 200 coin, Bees cost 300/300 if I remember correctly. So no big difference.

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Personally I feel like nest of bees should be a tad cheaper.

In the previous test, many players complained that nest of bees was too strong. Now nest og bees is weakened too much. Only you raised this question. It belongs to a very few peopleā€¦ I agree that the Chinese are relatively weak at present, but most people are silent about the excessive weakening of the Chinese in aoe4, They may acquiesce that this is reasonableā€¦ :sweat_smile: