Are new game modes coming?

Will regicide, treaty, empire wars, battle Royale etc come to this game? Seems like a dire dearth of game modes to be honest.

I’m a little disappointed because they didn’t add these at the get go. Is it because civs aren’t balanced for treaty yet?

AoE3DE is getting empire wars this week and some sort of new never before seen game mode soon. At least all hope isn’t lost.


first aoe 3 DE became the best and most complete game of the saga. Second I dont think they are bringing new game modes, but I am really dissapointed there are not any other game modes since release, I thought landamarks were just one of many gamemodes that we would see after launch and I was wrong. Sad they did the game so basic that AoE 1 can be easily better in many terms…

I would assume that yes more game modes are coming eventually. Look at some of the menus in game.

When queueing for ranked there’s a spot there to check which game modes to queue for. There’s currently only one option there, it doesn’t make any sense to even have that there unless there will be more options in the future.

Similarly in custom games there’s a whole sub menu to pull up options and it currently only has standard and sandbox. Also, doesn’t make much sense to have that unless that screen is going to get more populated in the future.

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first aoe 3 DE became the best and most complete game of the saga.


I mean… we waited 15 years, I could have waited some more if they just wanted to get the game out in 2022.

Like, what is this new normal where you put out incomplete games like this and then gradually add in features?

I’d assume you’d feel cheated if you paid $60 and then had to wait a year to get basic features that other age games already have.


“Because those features are not deal breakers and I do not use them anyway. The game is fun so give the devs some time to polish it.”
——someone on this forum

PS “polish” means adding some features that most RTS had 20 years ago.

I was just answering the question about whether or not there will there be more game modes. That’s it.