Are people hacking?

Ive posted before that I play irregular strats on water or other sometimes that have my units move usually to areas they won’t be detected until after the potential rush phase.

I swear there are more players now, that will directly attack my villagers from the fog of war - they’re not playing Japan using shrine, they’re just straight up running their cav directly into fog of war where my units are now fairly frequently. There’s games where it’s obvious they are not able to see, aren’t reacting or playing like they immediately know what I’m doing, others it’s nearly instant - come across players like this maybe 1/3 of games?

has anyone else noticed or felt like hacking or scripting is happening more


I’m sure it happens but far less than you think.

Sometimes things happen that seem beyond belief but people sometimes just get lucky.

Yes, some bad guys use maphack in Ladder now and the offical doesn’t ban them.

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Well you need to report :slight_smile:

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Report is useless, maphack guy uses Steam family sharing to create a lot smurfs

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Then don’t complain they don’t ban him, if you don’t report him.

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The biggest problem is smurf account’s like Enigma0501.

Ok I am beginning to think that cheating has become rampant. I’ve played for years and never seen the amount of units that are suddenly appearing early in game

Details, what are you seeing? Some of the rush civs are ridiculous compared to the slower ones. Getting waved by swedes, Otts or China is not a thing. Dakota and Ethiopia get honorable mention


just some players seem to send waves of units after like 8 min or something, it’s not a true “rush” but somehow they have like 50 units and are constantly sending more reinforcements. i am playing my ass off to boom my economy and somehow their economy is both stronger than mine and their army is larger than mine

usually it is china these days

depends on build orders, over 50 units around 8 min is not that strange


Are you high or low elo?

Ok I need to start turning on record games. I just played this guy and had a tavern at the back of my base while turtled he had no units that could have seen. Naturally he starts massing wave after wave of mortars as china to start breaking down my base.

At the tavern I have access to royal horsemen and I start making some, they spawn and I run them outside the sight of their units over on the left side - and suddenly he moves his entire army of 40 iron flail/meteor hammers into position behind the mortars in almost perfect sync before I could get there to attack.

For nearly 2-3 minutes he was shelling my fort? He couldn’t see the tavern? How did he know my units had just come and then got in position.

Plus how can any economy at that stage fuel 5 waves of 15-20 mortars killed and rebuilt over and over again with no gap.

This is what I mean it feels like people are hacking to see the map

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can you provide the name of this guy?

Ranked matches get always recorded :slight_smile:

Ok I will look at my records then - the guy had a very long name of Chinese characters so I do not know it right now

Name-calling is forbidden here anyway.

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you can upload the record