Are people more likely to vote on a topic, or comment on one? (To guide on the best way to make certain topics)

Hello. What the title says, its not totally AoE2 related, but it I think it might help people with certain kinds of posts. For example, when making balance changes suggestions, is it more likely to get responses if you include polls asking people what they think of your ideas, or just leave people to comment. I’m interested in the results of this.

Are you more likely to vote, or comment on a post?
  • I’m more likely to vote normally

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I think you can guess what I want you to do if you would comment on a post normally.

Usually more people will vote instead of replying because it’s just faster and easier to do.


I’m more likely to do both.
It depends on if I have an opinion on what’s being voted or if there are a lack of proper options.

If I don’t really have any stance at all I would more likely ignore the poll and not post either.

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Depends on the post. If its a long list of balance changes, vote can be good for a first step into discussion of what is good, what actually needs changes and what not.

Also if the list is too long I mind not even bother to comment to all of that, so vote is good here too.

Eventually a forum is for discussions so why not both?

I won’t ever vote unless it’s a joke answer.

Very rarely, if ever, can a poll option express any amount of nuance, and that has largely to do with the creator of the polls lacking said understanding of importance nuances about the question being asked.

In those cases, interacting with the thread in and of itself… that’s usually done at a net loss anyway.

I like to comment on my vote, yes