Are some people playing the game without dedicated GPU?

I was curious to know how the game works on intel integrated graphics ? Are some of you play AoE III DE without a dedicated GPU ? How does the game run ? I know that Iris Plus Graphics in the 11th gen CPU are more powerfull than previous generation.

I remenber the time when I played AoE3 TAD on my surface pro 2… I probably won’t have a gaming laptop all my life.

My laptop runs it quite smoothly on a Core i3-1005G1, which has UHD G1 integrated graphics, at 1080p and most settings set to their lowest, and the G1 isn’t even in the Iris class yet. The game really has a low entry requirement when it comes to graphical processing capabilities.

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`Nice to know, thanks for sharing.

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I’ve tried playing the game on a Intel Core i7-8665U with Intel UHD Graphics 620. It doesn’t really work. Gets about 12 frames with crazy lag and lag spikes down to 6 frames. Would not recommend.