Are sound effects weird?

When choosing a building I hear the usual sound from the original AOE 3 and then an extra sound to tell what building I’ve clicked.
Wouldn’t it have made more sense to just put the new sound instead of the original and then an extra? Is weird because if I use the audio information to reassure I clicked the right building it takes longer, unlike AOE 2.

Also when creating new units with a keyboard shortcut I hear one “click” sound on the game, which makes sense.
But when I create units with the mouse I hear two clicks per unit (one when clicking the icon of the unit and one when I let go of it). This still feels weird to me because when I use my mouse I always get the feeling that I’ve queued more units than I actually wanted to or I end up counting if I clicked the right amount of times.

I know these are tiny things but I would say these would make the act of interacting with the UI and game more satisfying as I get better audio feedback from the game. What do you think?