Are the Age of Empires IV Support team and Community Managers Dead?

Ok, thank you for finally taking attention. I had to use a click-baity title as my concern needs one.

You see, back in October 25, 2021 I won an Age of Empires IV companion book during the Rus vs. Delhi Sultanate Showmatch stream raffle. Annie, the community manager, sent an email confirming that I won and I gave my details with the expectation that the prize might be shipped on December that year.

Now it’s five months after that and I have yet to receive my prize. I do understand that there are issues with the publisher and the delays caused by the “current situation” but I’ve watched an unboxing of the book so I would guess it’s already been shipped to paying customers.

I tried contacting Annie and Grant, both were not responding (emails sent on Mar 22, 2022 and Apr 3, 2022 respectively). I then opened a support ticket, and it’s been three days since the “Our Support team will take a look at your message and get back to you within 48 hours.”. I have no other recourse but to post in this forum as I feel ignored.

I do hope that someone from Relic will finally contact me. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Edit: On April 12 Elliot emailed back. On the same day, after giving him my info, he still hasn’t replied to my follow ups since then.



I received the package today with a surprise:

Thank you very much Relic.

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