Are the civilizations's videos a old version?

My question because i don’t see any improvements on unit details

So i was wondering if these videos are not showing the 4k DLC pack, for example.

And i didn’t see any improvements also on last stream with Delhi vs Rus. Units seem the same of beta versions. Only terrains seem to be a bit more detailed.

So, Is this the final game version at Launch? Not criticisms by me, only a question.

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I wouldn’t get my hopes too high


A lot of the promotional material differs in quality.
I’m willing to belive this has to do with the fact everyone in Relic is working remotely currently (different pcs and specs)

They could also very well be playing on an older build, we have no idea.


I remember I read an interview or something, and i was told that closed beta and stressed test were not the latest version of the moment. Let us hope the showcase match wasn’t the latest as well.


these are obviously old , because zoom for example . another thing , they probably would not improve the models . 6 days till launch lol

(also dont hype that much about the 4k pack)

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The core game was completed probably around the time we got the close beta. From that point on the changes were likely just limited to balance and bug squashing. Graphics and mechanics wise, the game we have been seeing since the last 2 or 3 months is exactly the game we are going to get.

If you are expecting more detailed 3d models, better water effects or stuff like that, better put those hopes to rest.


As a calm and reasonable person once said “Keep your expectations low and you will never be disappointed.”


Streamers play the game, and china still has big mobile game button in the middle of the screen. Heres yer “feedback”. Clueless dev.

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It is fine.

Developper chose it and it is the rigth choice.

Critics are aclaming the greatness of age of empires 4, giving them all rigth.

It is their game any way.

That’s what pisses me off the most. Developers are so arrogant.

I have never observed arrogance by the developers. In fact, those I’ve spoken with have always impressed me with their humanity and candor and passion for the game. They are good people.

However, like any game, there are any number of decisions that feel wrong or misguided or easily fixable. I am not in the trenches with them and cannot say specifically why something hasnt been addressed (such as the Chinese Dynasty button thing that permeates the center of the screen and is often complained about by players).

But I can say that this is a massive project with tons of people from several companies. Massive things tends to move slowly and deliberately and are rarely nimble or flexible. Things take weird amounts of time. But that does not mean anyone back there is some horrible, arrogant villain.

Before we rule in arrogance we have to rule out all the other legitimate obstacles that could be causing this stuff.

That’s not a free pass, though. The Devs would be well served by talking about this stuff with us. There’s a tendency to assume the worst and project intent onto the things we observe, such as projecting arrogance onto the mistakes we are observing. That’s human nature.

Sadly, there isn’t a ton of communication from them, though I would expect that we will be hearing an awful lot more from them in the ensuing days. But, again, even communication from a massive project can feel slow and sluggish. I look forward to hearing more soon and feeling better about some of this stuff.