Are the developers actually playing the game?

With the release of the definitive edition, game developers said that the Swedes would have a strong initial combat power and would support the economy through Torp.

But now, three months after its launch, the Swedes are not at all.
They rely on all battles on the cannon and adding cards so that the universal unit Carolean has usable abilities.
And Torp became an integral part of the Swedish economy and became indispensable.

All of their words are wrong and nothing has come true. Now the Swedes have finally lost their fighting power and economy.

The developers tried to give them a unique and fresh concept that was different from other Europeans, but it was only causing discontent.
All novel and unique concepts have failed. They actually plagiarized some civ.
None of the balance patches have been satisfying.
Did you expect that there would be no controversy even if you made it like that?
Why is the balance patch only for treaty? Are the developers actually playing the games they designed?

Do you know why people like the Skim + dra combination?
Do you know why the cavalry archer doesn’t get a good evaluation?
Did you check if the new card that the Grenadier received was really useful?
Some of the controversial civilizations are not listed in patch notes at all. Are you intentionally ignoring all this controversy?

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Yes, it’s a bit sad. I bought DE to try Sweden. Now they are unplayable basically. You can’t nerf all aspects of a civ, it doesn’t really make sense.