Are the developers aware of the Malta?

Again, Malta crossbows kill cav, Malta has best culverin in the game, what else do they need even? It is significant having 45% cheaper crossbows and pikes. Malta can click age up at 2:20 because they have one of the best start 200 wood 100 coin which helps them send hunting dogs uprade fast. Malta barracks cost only 100 wood, built faster, please keep those in mind. Malta is a clear balance concern right now.

Malta is extremely vulnerable to basically any standard FF in the game. The lack of a 2 falconet shipment really hurts malta, sure a fixed gun is ok in your base but if you’re army gets caught elsewhere it’s completely useless. The fixed gun is also worth 700 resources for an age 3 shipment which is terrible compared to 2 falcs. It offers no utility unless the plan is just to sit in base, while 2 falcs are versatile.

Again I’m seeing that you’re annoyed with weak civs getting 1 strong unit to compensate, fact is they need it. Despite everything you say about the xbow the fact remains that malta remain a bottom tier civ across all elo ranges statistically only slighter better than inca and portugal lol so there’s clearly something that’s making them this weak.

I’m sure in your hands malta are incredible as are probably any civ but their general ability to perform well at every level needs to be taken into account. It’s like how a while ago aztec were considered weak at high level but they got nerfed hard because they had a higher than expected win rate, basically noobs couldn’t deal with all the infantry units.


Yes this is terrible, Fixed gun must cost more.
Cost 100w 600g less than 2 falcs but terrible damage, terrible range and terrible HP.

Malta Fixed gun and Xbow have to be nerfed and give 2 falcs buff for FF.

Weak aspects can be buffed, I am not against that. But it doesn’t change the fact civ has broken units for extreme cheap costs right now. Maybe it could be better what you find hard to deal against, because you can prevent your opponent from rushing by super early bow pike rush, I could recommend going for that.

Totally agree.
Especially an obvious data were shown already, people still not respecting the data and keep arguing.
I put data then they reply their subjective opinion, Pro said something against them then they just say pro has bias. Only they are correct and everything including data is wrong to them, if I said something against them, they can even say 1>2 to argue with me.

I said many time I accept to buff any Malta weakness, but people don’t accept to nerf any Malta broken. Even the nerf is not affecting their gameplay too much.

Bro one of the recordings was literally ruskets trying to beat xbows, and they weren’t even in melee mode. Cossaks would have dispatched the xbow mass without any issues.


Final I would like to say to you only is:
You are the pioneer guy shouting 1>2 ignoring all data for balance here.

Your previous statement:
Lakota eats Japan.
Haud need extra 50w for same 10% level 1 gold mine tech due to they have travois for civ bonus, while such as Port age up 1 free TC is ok.
Many similar.

I have already been tired of watching your fallacy for years.


Are you keeping count? Please add the ruskets statement as well, it will be good on the list.

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From beginning people still complaining Malta is weak, but after more and more discussion Malta is being found more and more OP stuff.

No it’s not, it’s one of the lowest tier civs currently based on statistics with a below average win rate at all levels.


But you have to take into account that the skirmisher has more range, better armor, better shooting animation, the other thing that you did not put in the statistics that according to you had given all the arsenal is the x3 against heavy infantry.

I can understand that in the middle and late the crossbow is very efficient exchange with the enemy skirmishers, but if you give it a nerf that you can give favor to the Maltese who invested 4 metropolis cards to have that crossbowman, which is practically the The only decent thing you can do at the beginning, well, you can also go cavalry but it is much easier to counter it at the beginning for the strong investment that you do, because between building the command that is more expensive and also its hussars, to be countered easily with pikemen or another anti cav unit, it doesn’t seem like a good bet to me.



Perfectly said.

Not to mention that all of the Order units are actually worse than their counterparts by end-game since the 10% stat increase not only comes with a higher cost and train time (with the cost portion being offset by a mediocre card), but no other upgrades are afforded outside of the arsenal. So they actually lose to anyone who has a combat stat increase card.

The one factory makes it difficult for Malta to keep up xbow production end-game, so their early game is very vulnerable, and if the game goes late then they don’t have much to write home about either.


When you can mass twice as much in huge numbers 1 or 2 range won’t make any change at all, armor part doesn’t make any difference either since extreme cheap bows counter anything including hand cav. Also skirmishers don’t siege from 20 range with instant animation, so I would say bows are just a better version of skirmishers overall with around 45% cheaper cost, just 10-15 pikes are enough to have as protection most of the time, which is not the case for skirms where you need anti cav protection most of the time. Same can be said for skirms, some civs need to ship 4 cards to make it useful and it actually costs coin, as malta you don’t need map control to get coin because all you need is food and wood which helps camping a lot more. You can’t remass a lost skirm based army easily while you can have 4 rax bow pike production constantly and remass even when you lose all your army, malta crossbows are far from comparable to any other light infantry in the game, it’s just a huge balance concern right now

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In fact no matter what evidence or data to show them, they won’t listen because their obvious bias that they are using Malta and not able to enjoy/not admit that crossbow is a problem.

The data is very clear already crossbow is better than normal skirm and with lower cost.

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I am showing actual data, 45% cheaper with instant siege range, I tried to make things are clear from competitive side.

I wouldn’t say they’re low tier, more like low-“middish” tier. They’re not OP but they’re not the weakest civ either. Civs like Portuguese, Italians and Ethiopians on the other hand need a lot more love.

Yes and inca, but being better than portugal and inca etc isn’t a very high bar lol.

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Still, I would say there are about 5 or 6 weaker civs than Maltese. Hell, according to the data gathered by the Sunbros’ Discord, the French have worse results than the Maltese!

Indeed the largest difference being at 1100 elo and getting less as you increase the elo with 1400+ elo france and malta are equal. Perhaps france need a small buff as well I don’t see them anywhere near as much as germany.

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Removing the 2% hp scaling and reworking from there would be ideal but I assume that design choice is somebody’s baby and would require a bit of work so I’d say just delete the age 3 bow/pike combat card.