Are the English OP?

  • The English are overpowered
  • The English are strong, but not overpowered
  • It is still unclear, until all civs are released, on whether or not the English are overpowered

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I’m curious on what the community is thinking.

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no they are not, it’s too simple to play that’s makes them feel OP, you get easy play with less effort. people are associating effort and stating they are OP. other civs are on par with English, but they have new mechanics, once people learn all that English will become just another normal civ.


No doubt there will be many further balance changes in the launch version. Will the English be OP? Will another civ? Probably one civ will be. I’m not sure there’s much point speculating based on an out-of-date build though. Especially when there are already other threads about this.

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I actually have the same stance as this, but I’m curious as to what other people think. I have a suspicion that people are simply complaining that the English are too strong in the sense of having a low effort, high reward playstyle.

I only played during the open beta. Surely the addition of new civs on release will add more checks and counters to English strategies.


For the record, there should be an option to just pick ‘no’.


Archers in general are overpowered, the English are extremely overpowered.

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Their rush is too strong. Their civ bonus is defensive. They shouldn’t be very good at rushing.
So their rush should be nerfed, but longbows need to not be nerfed, because that’s the thing that separates their army from a generic army.

The Town Centre Or Keep age up is too generic and the TC is probably too strong. Change these landmarks to unique buildings instead that spice things up a bit. Keep or TC is strong, but boring…


all archers should be nerfed. But the english could use some extra nerf in other places as well.

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After the end of the beta, this kind of question make absolutly no sort of a little sens guys… We don’t know how good english is right now.

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We know how good they were in the beta. I think the topic name should clarify beta. Otherwise, I agree. We don’t know how they will be on launch.

Tbh I’m not sure people will stop complaining about them, the aoe2 subreddit still regularly features people complaining about the franks and the game has been out for 20 years. Doesn’t mean they aren’t balanced though.

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Pool is biase…

You can only answer that english is overpowered and there is no option to answer that english is not overpowered.

Please had more option choice.

For me, it is clear that english are not overpowered.

The problem come from the game mecanic.

Cavalery stop their charge to attack archers…

Cavalery charge should pass trougth the enemy line, pushing and trample units on the ground.

In current forms mongols and hre are better than english. Even abbasids are probably not far behind english


LB are strong
Their vils attack is high that can effectively defend small early raid is strong
Age2 landmark to train LB faster is strong

Only one of above may not cause them OP, but they have all so they are OP.

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I mainly played as the english on the open beta and I think the civ is overall fine, apart from their longbow rush which definitely needs to be toned down.
I do believe that the council Hall needs to be tweaked a bit as longbows train way too fast from them and its very easy to get a huge mass very early on of these guys. Other option could be to buff the age2 cav.
They could either lower the training speed of the council Hall, or make it so that the archery range or maybe even military buildings(that could still be too strong though) that are nearby the council Hall train units faster while you can still train lbs from the landmark itself. It means that at least you would need to make more military buildings to sustain a rush.


Their eco boost is really really meh tho compared to china or HRE.

The English is one of the stronger civs as of the stress test, whether that’s just because they are more familiar, versatile by design, or just what the community could do in a few short days.

I am pleasantly surprised by the reasonable results, given the heated topics in the forum regarding the English. Based on the various threads, I would have thought everyone would be choosing the OP option.

As I said on one occasion, maybe you have to raise the price of LB a little more for what it does, outside of there, it is too early to really know the potential of civilization in general.

Firstly, you say the English are not overpowered, but then you proceed to suggest game mechanics to nerf longbows.

Secondly, the top players in the beta have already come to consensus that the English are overpowered. At the very least, we should take their opinions into consideration. We can be sure that the English are not “underpowered,” so I have omitted it as a poll option. Longbows give the English good harass and an early game advantage which can carry over to the middle and late game.

I’m not saying that the English are overpowered. It’s just that your post doesn’t make sense.

Would it make sense to push the council hall to age 3 instead of being available in Age 2? They are a defensive faction after all.