Are the Japanese there in the orginal game?

I was wondering whether the Japanese were added in an expansion or were they there in the original game and because I don’t play AoE III I thought I would ask the actual community around it.

No, the Japanese first appeared in the Asian dynasties expansion

That sucks, the Japanese were there in the original versions of both I and II and they are an iconic Age civ.

would you pleas not use a racist term?

its Japanese, or if that is to long write JPN or something.

That’s racist? I didn’t know that. Plus, the Japanese are my favourite my civ in both I and II.

Why does it “suck” that they were added to AoE3 14 years ago instead of 16 years ago?? I’m utterly confused as to why that would matter, if you didn’t even play the game yet.


AoE3 (the base game) focus on the discovery and colonization of the new world (America) by the european powers. The inclusion of the Japanese, which had limited contact with the outside world at that time, would have make little sens back then. They were added later in the Asian Dynasties, when the scope of the game was exapended.

I’m curious, what was the racist term used by the OP ?

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Japs… You can check edits on the little icon on the top right of an edited message.

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