Are there any downsides to lowering the costs of the unused(in ranked) War Elephants, Shotel Warriors, Condottiero, Teutonic Knights, Turtle Ships, Steppe Lancers and Siege Towers?

The upper limit depends on the pilot of the units- The strategy itself morphs around the player’s level- it’s not set to one area of elo; I’ve yet to see the upper limit, I find that there’s still ways I can improve how I use it each time I play
As far as siege, mangonels in castle isn’t unheard of

Personally I am improving how I encounter dark age/feudal age, but as far as I can tell it’s my own skill level that has to improve, not the strategy

That being said, the build order needs adjusting because I’m still fickle on how to approach 1 vs 1 arabia, it’s always slightly different depending on what the enemy does, so I’ve yet to create a consistent build order - I like placing a castle at the center of 3-6 town centers one or so farm away or closer so each can defend the other, but that’s my personal preferance to defend against raids on the main eco-

I’m hoping that someone better than me will come in and improve on it while keeping the general structure intact

The huskarls are like teutonic knights and should be treated like teutonic knights, carefully and focusing against what they’re strong against while letting other units take down their weaknesses and healed with monks regularly.
It would be nice to have a healing fortress on the front lines to make that regularly possible and to counter most of the weaknesses to the fortress itself while the fortress counters the huskarl’s weaknesses - I would’nt be against a price reduction to huskarls to where they’re as cheap as a goth condottiero and to give goths supplies

They are completely different, in all regards, except being Infantry.

Goth Mirror Match Meta.

I wanna ask a thing. What if condos returned the gold cost (or part of that)? Somehow it fits also the mercenary theme.

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If we really want to change the condos cost, I would remove the food cost, or change it into a really small one, like 10f.
That way at least it would be a buff to a fast imp spam strategy, since after the spam, in a maps like arena or similar you would still have a lot of food to boom.
Think about it, you make a fast imp 1 TC, spam some condos (supported by some siege), make some damage to the enemy eco, then if he is still alive you have the food eco to out-boom him.


But im also propose swich gold-food cost balance to like 15F 55G

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10F 40G is costly enough…
Condos underpowered already

Though I like @Sylux1000’s idea the best
We just need to have a unit with the gimmick of returning half its gold cost etc etc, so that we can see vibrant new ways of using these fairly generic Infantry

It could even be 10f 50g, or just 60g.
Though, that would require testing first, to avoid making an OP buff.

I dont think so making an infantry unit gold costly would be a good idea

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I think give Condos bonus against Eagles and they will be prefered choice against them over Champs - because they are faster and is much harder to kite them. They are even faster than non-elite upgrade, so this can be viable strategy against American Civs - Fast Imp, mass condos and kill enemy eagles before upgrade.
But now, they can clearly win only against Inca Eagle, are slightly better than Aztec and lose to Mayan.

Now Condos cost 85R, with my prop is 70, your is 60R.

I think Condos are the worse version of the Huskarls. While Huskarls kill Archers and Gunpowder unit (IF REACH THEM), Condos kill Gunpowder unit but lose to Archers. Both kill Incan and Aztecs Eagles but lose to Mayan…

  • Affected by Pavise
  • 4 bonus damage vs Eagles
  • +1 pierce armor
  • 60F/30G

The problem I see with all these proposals is that condos will be just competitors of champions. Eagle counter is fine but champions do have a similar role.

Making them costing gold only or similar can work… but high gold cost is prohibitive in 1v1. I mean, 60g for a unit which has stats similar to castle age units is a lot. If you fail with that fast imp into condos is gg.

And I guess that fast imp into condos is what the devs wanted to eliminate with the nerf. Since it was the only real condo role, conods die completely.

I was thinking of a way to make them really different. Returning the gold cost is a way. Somehow, it is a need role that none is filling right now.

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Yes, that’s the idea, consider that a champ cost 80r, so a condos should cost a lot less, since it have been nerfed a lot since its introduction.
60r is fine in my opinion.

They would keep up a little bit better, but usually eagles are used in mass only in the late game with the elite upgrade, and EEW outrun condos, so champ would still be better since they pack a lot more of a punch vs eagles.

The idea is to hit before the enemy can field the counters, and until late imp food is a lot more important than gold, especially if you need to boom.

This could be an option, but it sounds to me unfeasible for 1v1.

A solution coming to my mind for 1v1 would be to introduce the mechanics of gold returning after the UT (silk road the name?).

  • condos before silk road: as @DoctBaghi/@Bzhydack say (heavy gold intensive)
  • after silk road, italian condos cost 50f 35g and return the gold cost (or part of it)

So basically:

  • in 1v1 you can go condos as you are saying early imp
  • in later stages 1v1, if you fail the condo aggression, you can stay condos researching the UT
  • TG, the mechanics is exactly the one you are proposing, except for the italian player in late game (which is not supposed to go condos in late game)

What about making Condos like weak Huscarls, rather than fast champions?
The main thing they’d need is a massive pierce armour increase.

That would be OP for every infantry civ going condos.

The problem with condos it that you should leave the malian/aztec condos balanced.

Clearly a huskarl condo is balanced if given to tatars but unbalanced if given to Vikings

Trick is, this is team unit. So by design shouldnt see much use in 1v1. And in team game gold cost is not that prohibitive. And being able to have less on food to sustain production can be good thing.

And Elite Eagles can outrun Condos, but when they raid, champs canot cach them. Condos are better because of speed - eagles will have less time and Condos can chase them much better (Speed 1,43 for EEW vs 1,32 Condo). They also create faster, so they dont need to be on place, they can be used as “panic defence” - because everyone will have Barracks in base.
Condos can be more like “European Eagle”.

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So, why not making them meaningful also 1v1 changing the mechanics with the UT?

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its not like Italians necessarily use champions as common strat, I don’t see why condos and champs should have different roles

Are eagle condos different from huskarl condos in this regard?