Are there any plans to do even another civs addition to DLC content?

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Steam is theorizing about the prospect of getting yet further civilizations, even trying to guess –if such is in the Studios minds– which civs are being featured.

Proposals of a second American Indian set of civs (including Araucans… they even created a mod in AoE II), the old Polish-Frisian(Dutch)-Swiss question, the African Expansion v2 (Mali-Yoruba, Mossi, Chad, Zimbabwe), Iroquois, Tibet, India-2 & even Polynesians.

Knowing prospects should be low because of the “Definitive Edition” part of the name, does such prospect exist?


The devs said there is no plans for it.


One Steam friend of mine has read in the AOE Discord Server that there is going to be more content for both AOE1 and AOE2. There is also a SteamDB DLC for AOE2:DE right now which could hint at a DLC for AOE2:DE, though which kind of content it will contain is still not clear.

I would love new civs too, though there might not be any new ones.

The interview everyone cites is here:

The exact phrasing is:

"At this point, I think we’re done adding civilisations to Age II. I do not foresee us adding any more civs to the game. I think we’ll add more content, campaigns, new game modes – all those kinds of things we’ll explore, but even our pro players are kind of saying ‘we’re done, we have enough civs at this point to last us forever’.

It’s a lot to hold in your head, and I think that they would love to get comfortable with the game rather than trying to push into even more civs. There comes a saturation point, and I think we’re there."

which doesn’t completely leave out new civs out though makes them kinda unlikely sadly.

SteamDB link:

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I hope they will do some justice to us fans by adding atleast 5 more civs from around the world to bring the civ count to 40 (they can ignore the campaigns if it is difficult)
in order of priority
1 or 2 south asian civs to use indian architecture set
1 african (bantu/swahili from central africa)
1 south east asian civ (thai/ayuthayya only major power left out in the region)
1 west slavic (polish are different from russians)
1 caucasian (georgian/armenian are frequently requested)

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