Are there any viable native rush strategies

I find myself never using natives and feel like they are underpowered. I know a few have some good techs here and there for later-game, but are there any viable rush or early game uses for natives? In the original AOE 3 back in the day I occasionally did maya/aztec rushes or seminole/cherokee, but after they nerfed the native allies card I have found myself nerver using them. I feel like the fact I never see native units really takes away some of the diversity and dynamism from the game.

As I see, the game has only 3 ´playable multiplayer nations : Sweden / Dutch / Ottomans or else, you’ll lose.

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I do hope they can buff or at least rework that part of the game. In a competitive scenário the issue is that players will focus on what they know more than what is randomly given (hence not focusing on natives).

Cree are awesome and you can have CtB,

Huron give you a good shield for your skirms, (just like the ram from aoe2), but the issue is that they come too little to late.

Rattan shields are awesome if you are facing a dutch or another mass of skirms, as they will close the gap and work as shock infantry

This is just false. Stop making false claims

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All civs are playable, it depends on who controls them;)

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